In 2007 the Birmingham Public Art Board accepted The Sauvé
proposal to curate the Cityscapes exhibit. The “Birmingham Cityscapes”
exhibit is comprised of 10 large scale outdoor sculptures located in
Downtown Birmingham. Over a three year period Sauvé raised over
$200,000 in donations for the installation of the Cityscapes sculpture
exhibit. All funding for this exhibit was raised through the private
sector and through financial support from the Hill Gallery and the
Sauvé Art Foundation. The Birmingham Cityscapes exhibit is
represented by artists, Mark di Suvero, Dennis Oppenheim, John Sauvé,
Ken Thompson, Chris Yockey, Nathan Diana, Harry Gordon, Jay Wholley
and Jene Heinstein. In 2007 the installation of the Cityscapes Exhibit
was underway. With every new sculpture, John Sauvé captured the
process of installing the artwork. Cityscapes is a document of the
sculpture exhibit by the same name.

Excutive Producer: John Sauvé
Director: Lindsay Root
Writer: John Sauvé

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