The Clash: New Year’s Day ’77

On January 1st 1977 the British band The Clash played the opening show for the infamous Roxy club in a dilapidated Convent Garden. This film takes us right back on a time-travelling journey to that moment, it was the defining moment when the punk music scene emerged into a more mainstream consciousness.

Using some of the earliest unseen footage of The Clash in concert we experience this iconic show through a lens, allowing us to appreciate the moment with 20/20 hindsight. New Year’s Day is typically a time to reflect on the year gone by but also to ponder on what the new one might hold in store for us. Unknown to the unsuspecting British public, the year of 1977 was of course the year in which The Clash took off marking the annus mirabilis of punk.

In previously unseen interviews with Joe Strummer himself we also gain insight into the hopes and predictions for the 12 months that followed.

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