Cold Case JFK

In broad daylight in front of hundreds of witnesses a president is murdered, within hours a suspect is arrested, Lee Harvey Oswald but two days later he himself is killed. Since 1963 millions of Americas have been convinced that the presidents assassination was not the work of one man but rather a conspiracy. Can modern forensics and ballistics crack the case? For the first time using state of the art technology, NOVA brings together a team of experts to analyze the gun, the bullets, the crime scene and the medical evidence.

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  1. I have to admit, your tirade of nonsensical insults to a random dude on the internet is pretty strong evidence Oswald is innocent.

  2. (Cold Case JFK)..Ignored ear and eyewitnesses in lower Dealy Plaza who heard one or two shots , and smoke on the grassy knoll. Also ignored Parkland doctors on location of wounds.

  3. If you look at the Zapruder film where the fatal head shot takes place, it is an edited version of the original. It doesn’t show any head wound, or brain and blood being expelled toward the rear of the vehicle. All of that has been edited out. There is also the fact, that at the hospital, one of President Kennedy’s people(don’t recall the name) is standing on a desk in a room with reporters. When he is asked where was the President struck with the fatal shot, he takes his index finger of his right hand and points to his right front of his head just above the right temple. This too had been edited out.

    Governor Connally maintained up to his death that he was never struck by the same bullet that hit JFK. In the video Evidence of Revision, when they had Oswald, at one part your can hear scumbag Cap. Fitz saying “we’ve cracked the case, he’s guilty.” A reporter speaks up and says “guilty of what, he hasn’t admitted to anything yet.” Later on in the same video when they are escorting Oswald in the basement, you see scumbag Cap. Fitz make a swiping motion with his hand. That when Ruby jumps out and shoots Oswald. In an interview while in custody, Ruby just like Oswald, says that he is just a patsy, and that with the death of Pres. Kennedy, it would issue in a whole new form of government. Welcome to the dictatorship

  4. The evidence for Oswald’s guilt is overwhelming.


  5. funny how the first tests on the bullet show it going through wood still intact in order to show how it enters two people causing seven impacts including bone. However the second bullet explodes as soon as it’s his head.

  6. Oswald is innocent!

  7. We would have to be totaly dumb to believe that. The only reason the witness is killed it to protect to one who hired the withess. You dont even have to follow money to see that. All you have to do is follow the basic instinct, defend or attack.

  8. I can only lose respect for NOVA, after watching their presentation on the assassination of JFK. There is no logical explanation for forensics to conclude a shot to the head form the rear when:
    a) Jackie Kennedy crawls onto the back of the car to retrieve a large piece of her husband’s scalp. (this would be in front if the shot was from the rear)
    b) How the exit wound could be on the front right side of Kennedy’s skull, when the Texas book depository was on the right rear side of Kennedy.
    Note: When they performed a shot from the rear on a real skull, the debris exited to the front, yet this was not mentioned even when it was observed in their re-creation.
    It is a sad day when a 2013 documentary is still attempting to protect a 50 year old conspiracy because they can’t admit that their country is corrupted by power, and greed. (even when it’s foundation is built upon it)
    P.S: Farces like this destroy the credibility of science when they attach it to support their nonsense. Any questions?

    • It was the guy who owned the rifle. A lack of knowledge of firearms and how bullets act is the failing of many along with failing to think things through… thus we have conspiracy this and that and no evidence at all except for it being Oswald.

      • The only thing I’m sure of ( looking at all evidence) is that Lee Harvey Oswald Is the only person that is innocent. ( C.I.A….F.B.I.) thankyou

      • You have got to be kidding…or delusional! Look I can’t say with any certainty, who did do it ( strongly suspect C.I.A or F.B.I.) but one thing that ( looking at the evidence) I know for sure is that the only person ( I’m sure) who is completely innocent was lee Harvey Oswald. Thank you.

      • Considering Oswald was assassinated in a law enforcement building, and was never found guilty in a court of law while still being blamed 50 years later, is overwhelming proof of public stupidity. I for one cannot blame a guy who merely owns a rifle for NOVA’s complicity in reinforcing a flawed narrative. (propaganda – that is NOVA’s responsibility) Cheers Stacy!

    • Nice try CIA dummy account.

  9. I wonder why they continue to keep some evidence secret, and will until 2017 for some, and perhaps 2029 for others. I also wonder if the truth will be told at that time.

    The vast majority of documents have been released. Apparently, there are about 2000 pages still withheld.

    I do believe that John Kennedy, and his brother Bobby, would have made the US a better place had they been allowed to finish their lives unmolested by assassins. We’ll never know for sure.

    There are a lot of conspiracies out there regarding JFK’s death, and many of them make sense. They can’t all be right, but they could all be wrong. I have my doubts about the Warren Commission’s findings.

    The most troubling thing to me is this – why did the 6th floor assassin not take the easy shot as the limo was coming directly at the book depository? Why wait for a shot with the target moving away at an angle and downhill and over a tree? I don’t think there is a good answer for that. Was Oswald late in getting ready for the shot of his life? Not likely, IMO.

    Good doc!

    • Yes there is. The late Jim Marrs talked about where JFK was shot, that there were two yellow stripes painted on the curb. There was a space between them, and it was in this spot where the assassination took place. The yellow stripes marked the kill zone. Jim Marrs several years before he died said that even today there are still signs of those stripes on the curb. In the video Evidence of Revision, if you watch real closely, you can see one of those yellow stripes. Just thought you would like to know. Glen

    • i did twenty two days of intense research to recommend this video called JFK to 911 a rich mans trick on youtube the 3 hour version. And i back it with all i got and that’s saying alot due to my time i spent making sure there’s no facts left out that cant be to the best of my knowledge overall pretty well proven by documents or the most basic of sense making. Watch it and decide for yourself and be blown away.

      • Lots to think about in that doc. Seems George Orwell’s 1984 is about all one needs to read – most of history and what is yet to come was spelled out for us in that book.

        I loved the comparison of the single, all-seeing God to the all-seeing NSA/CIA.