Cold Turkey

Directed by Leo Regan and originally televised in 2001, ‘Cold Turkey’ tells the story of Lanre Fehintola a photojournalist who experimented with heroin whilst working on a book featuring drug addicts. ‘Cold Turkey’ tells the story of Lanre a year after Regan’s original documentary ‘Don’t Get High on Your Own Supply’ which followed Lanre after five years of addiction.

Larne is plunged back into heroin addiction and Regan’s film ‘Cold Turkey’ follows Larne’s desperate bid to kick his heroin addiction through cold turkey.

This programme presents the unique dynamic between the film maker and his subject and raises questions regarding friendship, reflexivity; ethnography and impartiality. It also serves to present the vast physiological and psychological difficulties encountered with heroin addiction and withdrawal.

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  1. Powerful and unfortunately? Expected.

    As Lanre said in the beginning, these aren’t just junkies, they are humans. Here we got to see a highly intelligent addict, torn apart and controlled by this disease. We got to see a human.

    What I also liked is we got to see the weakness of friends. Shaming isn’t the solution. Sure they could have literally fought Lanre to keep him there, but he would have used first chance after coming clean.

    It’s the first steps of recovery – you have to admit you have the problem, then you have to get help – on your own.

    Tough stuff.

  2. I thought they made this drug illegal?? How are people still even doing this