Colombia: Caught in Crossfire

Romeo Langlois an international reporter travelled to Colombia to accompany and document soldiers on a routine anti-narcotics operation when the patrol happened to encounter a group of armed FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) rebels. This is the story of the whole ordeal and how the Colombian soldiers set up a defense perimeter which ultimately saved the journalists life.

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  1. “The war on drugs … supervised and financed by the United States” Ha! The war on drugs is another one of America’s permawars. They perpetuate it, stir up the fear and very much benefit from it financially. Drugs one way, weapons the other. They have both ends of the chain – from the cocoa labs deep in the Colombian rainforest, through central America, up through the Mexican cartels, to the capillary-like distribution throughout the US – sewn up and in their pocket.

    • You understand that there is a whole country of people here, right? We are not all in favor of this “war.” Some of us may even support different view points from the stuff you watch on tv and see online labeled “american”. You may even be surprised to know that some of us here work very hard to stop the pervasive jingoism we have to live with, day in and day out. You get to just blame the US for all your problems. We have to live our lives knowing that no matter what we do, no matter who we vote for, even if we just sit and do nothing, we fuck up some part of the world. So go ahead and think we are the problem. I don’t blame you. I hate me too.