Colour of War

Colour of War is a very good documentary about WWII and how it affected life around the world between 1940 and 1945. The entire documentary is a collection of authentic images, all in colour, of which a lot have been previously unreleased. Some images can be quite shocking at times and no doubt leave you with a bitter impression on how horrible war can be. The commentator also reads out a lot of letters or diary fragments from people who lived or died during World War II. Knowing this, you might think that the documentary in a whole would loose coherence but it’s quite the opposite because even though “Colour of War” is mainly a collection of authentic images and letters it felt like everything fitted together very well.

About all the major events which happened during the period 1936-1945 are included. For example the German invansion in Poland and France, the bombing of London, Pearl Harbor, the confrontation between the American fleet and the German U-boats, Stalingrad, the American invasions of the Japanese islands, D-day, the Holocaust, Japanese Kamikazes, Hiroshima, … it’s all there.

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  1. A well done documentary. Just one question; Why have we always been shown black and white pictures if the original footage was coloured?

    • They weren’t .Some clever sob has found away to reflect the real colour from the different shades of Gray you find in black and white. Its done with a click of a button now. Clever and cool

      Edit: now i have started watching the Doc i see why you ask. Its just the miss leading way the word it.

      • Must be a verrrry clever snob then. As little variables like light and shade diver constantly (ergo: the shades of gray), ‘one click of a button’ would be impossible I’d recon. Or it has to be a super-filter with built in A.I.

  2. Very solid documentary