In 1999 students Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold would embark on a massacre that would make history and the name of one Colorado high school synonymous with tragedy. The Columbine High School shooting saw these two individuals ill 12 of their fellow students and a teachers before committing suicide.

As the clock ticked the body count rose and with it the question, why had these two young men waged war on their class mates and teachers, committing the worlds most notorious killing spree? What was it that caused them to posses so much hatred that they were willing to walk into their school and kill as many people as possible.


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  1. WHAT HAPPENED? WHY DID THEY BECOME SO CRUEL?) you don’t know who you and your children are?) THIS IS SO FUNNY))))) you don’t know how you treat one another?) THESE GUYS…they weren’t politcians. weren’t presidents)