Comet Catcher: The Rosetta Landing

On November the 12th 2014, the Rosetta mission successfully reached it’s goal, a comet, after being launched ten years ago in 2004. The mission was attempting to make history as this was the first mission of it’s kind. Upon reaching it’s goal Rosetta deployed it’s lander Philae which managed to touch down on the comet successfully now it’s the probes job to send back valuable data which could possibly help us have a much greater understanding of how life evolved on Earth.

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  1. the Comet Catcher link you have is broken, but I easily found another active link I would submit it but I am sure you can find the new link and update here.

  2. The Earth was too hot for amino acids to be stable enough for life, yet amino acids could stand kinetic energy from a 100000 km/h imlact from a comet that is already evaporting from unfiltered sunlight..