Concorde’s Last Flight

A Futant, as defined by Dr. Timothy Leary, is someone that is genetically programmed to be the evolutionary future scouts of humanity. Leary coined the term Futant by melding the words ‘Future’ and ‘Mutant’ to better define this small percentage of our species. He also went on to outline the 8 Circuit Model of Human Consciousness, a primer for human psychology which allows us to pinpoint the evolutionary status of any living being and our society as a whole.

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  1. ummm did i hear 12,000$ round trip from london to newyork…and it was losing money ^%$# they shoulda just made er 50,000$ a seat i guess

  2. CORRECT! Slacktastic, you are right on the money, good sir!

  3. Cool documentary. Sad ending. Brilliant piece of art and engineering as mentioned at the end.
    btw, the description for this documentary has nothing to do with the film.
    Please update.

  4. If it were still flying, I wouldn’t fly it!

  5. Why does the description talk about Leary’s “Futant” concept – nothing about the film! WTF? Is this the wrong description – something pertaining to another film, or what? It is a stretch to label the concorde a “Futant” isn’t it? Somebody please clarify, fix, or what-have-u…