Coney Island Restoration

Documentary on the History and the current restoration of Coney Island, an amusement park/entertainment area in Brooklyn, NY

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  1. If he says “F Train” one more time…

  2. do you think he ate the potato after he finished filming with it?

  3. is the camera on acid or something?

  4. this is a good video for blind and deaf people

  5. Oh yeah its bad!
    Get footage, Edit, then dub narration over the top perhaps? you won’t find any of that here, its like someones home video of you tube!
    Yes please explain documentary heaven!!!

  6. If I wanted to watch some camp guy window shopping and pointlessly jabbering on with an unbelievably shitty camera I would go to Youtube

  7. Documentary? Heaven?? Dear God. I thought this would just be so bad it was good type thing but it’s just fucking unwatchable.

  8. this is a good video for people who never been there. stop hating assholes

  9. It really is as bad as everyone says.

  10. One man and a camera…. This is good info for people that live in or around Coney Island !

  11. was this a joke?

  12. Why, Documentary Heaven? Why?

  13. Horrible video….unwatchable.