The Confession: Col. Russell Williams

In this special edition of The Fifth Estate, reporter Bob McKeown, with the help of professionals sets out to deconstruct the interrogation and shocking confession of Col. Russell Williams. Williams is an English born Canadian who was a well decorated Colonel in the Canadian Forces until his arrest in February of 2010.

Williams was formally charged by the Ontario Provincial Police with two counts of first-degree murder, two counts of forcible confinement, two counts of breaking and entering, and sexual assault; another 82 charges relating to breaking and entering were later added.

This film takes a close look at the case from the moment of his first denial right up until Williams admitted he was guilty. This confession is now considered to be one of the most most compelling and distressing confessions in Canadian criminal history.


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  1. wouldn’t the mud in that field have been frozen solid @ that time of the morning? C Stewart

  2. the police are worse than the man, they seem to love the killer more than those he harmed. it is sad to see when things like this are not even alarming anymore. it is on our tv’s and movies so much that it has become the norm. the end is here, there is nothing left to save…

  3. am I dense or what? how do I access any of these documentaries?

    • You see the little red square with the white ‘arrow’ inside it in the middle of the screen above?
      Just put your mouse cursor arrow on it and click on it – that is to say push the left hand button on your mouse. The documentary will then start playing.