Confessions of an Innocent Man

This take-no-prisoners (please excuse the pun) exposé of William Sampson’s time in a Saudi Arabia prison looks at the most jarring aspect of his treatment: he is clearly innocent. Sampson was a North American business man who moved to Saudi Arabia as a consultant. Suddenly, he was arrested and charged with carrying out an extremely violent bombing. Of course, this was the first he had even heard of this attack. The prosecution presented zero evidence. He was found guilty. After three years of torture, Sampson admitted to the crime. He was then sentenced to death. Being a Canadian citizen did not help: the Canadian government did not protest his treatment.

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  1. It could have been worse. He could have been at the ‘mercy’ of the United States of Terror. Poor guy. RIP

  2. Now you know why Québec wants to seperate from Canada, Prime minister Chrétien is a yellow coward now and when he was in office, not that we are better of with the son of Trudeau.

    But remember this when the Iran hostage crisis was raging those who were not in the embassy were taken in by ambassador Ken Taylor who issued them Canadian passports…and those US citizen got out.

  3. I for one Salute this man, and you fucking Saudi Animals you can all get a not so fresh roadkill and suck on there asse’s for a while it just might give you the grey matter that you obviously need.

    ”Be Well” Sir

  4. So not fair that I can’t watch this!

  5. Governments around the world kowtow to the saudis , despite their appalling human rights record. This is another tragic example of how Govts are here to look after big money and oil interests NOT citizens. There are some truly evil people running Governments nowadays.

  6. The poor guy died recently.. A heart attack, most likely brought on by the years of stress his body was made to endure.

  7. It’s such a shame that he passed away before he could find closure for all of this. The British, Canadian, and Saudi governments owed him that, at least.

  8. This kind of thing demonstrates just how far the tentacles of the corrupt Saudi regime and its primitive so-called religion can go. We should stop ALL trade with these scumbags, send in the marines to take OUR oil and burn down their disgusting memorials to their false prophet. They did 911.

    • your fucked, clearly american

      • My fucked? I don’t even own one.

        Also what does it mean “clearly american [lower case CQ],” the fellow was Canadian no?

        Can you clarify, thanks.

      • Once again complete disregard of morals. In doing that, you are becoming just as bad as they which just creates the issue to go back and forth not solving anything. It’s both governments that are to blame. The government was fully aware of what was happening but took 3 years before they decided to act upon the suffering of these men. Something was obviously happening behind the scenes…

  9. I find it truly shocking how Moslem countries treat people from western countries like Canada who go over there to help them develop the few resources they have and help them rise out of their pathetic midieville lifestyles and customs and live like civilised human beings. What I find even more shocking is how the Canadian government wouldn’t help this guy even though he was innocent, because they didn’t want to offend the Saudi government. Canada lets these people immigrate into Canada and gives them assistance to help them get set up, keep their murderous customs and religion and give them jobs and housing and yet won’t do that for their own people…how pathetic is that?…it’s just Canadian, eh.

    • You know what… I LOVE it when people jump on the likes of you & I for spelling it ‘moslem’. They can’t handle it; they don’t understand that, until relatively recently, pretty much all English-language literature spelt Muslim M-O-S-L-E-M… As you just did. And, true to type, look at this ‘JESSICA’ – she had to try and be clever and sock it to you subtle-like, banging up the (ahahaha) ‘correct’ spelling there in big smug upper case characters… Ha, girly; all you educate us about is your own narrow and shallow education. Jessica, you need to read more books. Actual books, made of paper, with mostly words on them. Not just ones with ladybirds in the corner.
      I think after watching a documentary like this, folks like our chap Randall here, are entitled to feel a bit raw towards the Arabs. I have experienced their culture quite close. I nearly married one; & I can tell you, they are quite the brutal people, if I’m honest, and a a bit generalist. Not to say they are lawless. But… well… My ex-, Fayrouz, was paid tens of thousands of pounds every month, as part of a ‘blood-debt’ settlement with her father, who had murdered her mother right in front of her at the breakfast table, shooting her in the face. The courts ruled that he had to make up for the trauma he had inflicted on Fayrouz, and this was judged to be quite a few thou’, every month, for the rest of her life.
      Mad eh!
      Stay healthy out in that madness… Regards, UK.

    • Not all MUSLIM countries are considered Third World Countries. Saudi is one of the richest countries on Earth nor are they in need of Western help. Whether we go over there or not doesn’t stop them from making as much money as they are. They don’t have few resources! They are oil wealthy. You are mixing religion with tradition. In the actual religion, what they did was wrong but due to their tradition, it is still continued. Not all of their wrong-doings is to do with religion. 

  10. For the western governments to protect there allies over citizens sums up the sickness that is capitalism/corporatism! I hope the people responsible for the torture from the top to the bottom suffer like these men had too. life cycle- what goes around comes around. For me though the real issue is the failure of the governments not to act and to kneel to profit and big money deals the material over the human, yet again proving we will destroy our planet and ultimately ourselfs. WANKERS

  11. I am glad you are out of there. I am glad you have a place to go back to …or many..
    Injustice is always to be denounced. One day a final judgment …and only that can acquit the innocent.
    You were spared for a purpose..which is not bitterness

  12. Canada SUCKS!

  13. tragic, brutal, devastating…some people shouldn’t drink alcohol.