Conrad Murray: The Man Who Killed Michael Jackson

Broadcast just days after the trial of Dr Conrad Murray returned a guilty verdict for the involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson, this powerful and dramatic documentary explores the relationship between the King of Pop and his personal physician, with exclusive access to Dr Murray and his defence.

The documentary has filmed with Murray and followed him throughout the trial itself, away from the glare of the public spotlight.

The film explores Jackson’s private world where the controversial use of powerful medication was a way of life, where a man adored by millions lived as a virtual recluse and where an unknown cardiologist from Las Vegas found himself the unexpected companion, confidante and intimate to one of the most famous men in the world.

When Michael Jackson died on 25 June 2009 only two people were in the room: Jackson and Dr Conrad Murray. This observational and independent documentary uncovers the fatal friendship behind the headlines and reveals the chain of events that led to one man dead and the other fighting a losing battle for his reputation and freedom.

The documentary is preceded by a 15-minute interview in which Dr Murray’s version of events is explored and challenged by respected journalist Steve Hewlett.

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  1. this guy is slippery

  2. I killed myself

  3. Dr murray didnt kill mj. The pervert killed himself.

    • Nonsense. He was not a pervert if he had been Murray who was a father of several kids wouldn’t have said he loved Michael he loved Michael he was his friend blah blah blah
      and it was a proven during the trial that Murray violated standard of of case 17 different ways and MJ did NOT inject or take any drug himself. You are denying medical facts and you keep supporting proven false accuser parasites like the CHandlers and the Arvizos.
      you are sick just like Murray

  4. The doctor obviously was guilty of malpractise, however, I believe him when he said he was trying not to give michael his “milk”. Michael came home at 1am and he didn’t give it to him until 10am, after trying many other medications.
    I blame Michael Jackson’s agents and the gruelling schedule they had worked out for him. There was way too much pressure on the guy.

  5. Murray committed malpractice, and should be punished; however, people are being disingenuous by vilifying him. Michael Jackson had been careening towards death long before Murray ever entered the picture. He shouldn’t have been enabled by Murray, but at the same time it was clear Michael was an expert doctor shopper who would have found someone else had Murray refused (and if he couldn’t have found someone it’s pretty obvious that a person as wealthy as he was could have managed to get his meds illegally.)

    Even if he had stopped using his body had to have been irrecoverably damaged by the years of narcotic abuse. Long term opiate abuse causes everything from malnutrition to organ failure to being forced to use a colostomy bag for the rest of your life.

  6. Well trained killer monkey. 
    when one doctor can´t help a guy, he must recomend other alternatives. Like sending a person to a psychiatrist or to another physician who specialised in certain related or concerned subjects. Dr Conrad Murray didn`t do that. Dr. Conrad Murray, you killed our hero, you killed our brother, you killed very hard worker, you killed our entertainer and you killed king of the soul music. You see how many peoples you killed. Monkey Murray, you are the mass murderer. I am sentencing you life time in the cage. That is for your own sake.

  7. jacko was too blame and murry was too blame, fact.

  8. fakest cry ive ever seen at the end of the video

  9. Silly title…silly doco. Yet another amateurish effort that has wound up on this site. Murray is a dick and so is the presenter of this.

  10. I think he was railroaded. Due to so many people who liked Michael Jacksons’s commercialized, banal, insipid excuse for “music”, that they were seeking ‘revenge’ for what they loved so much due to Michael’s Marketing. Cmon Michael Propofol? Really? Propofol? Why not just smoke a joint? Obviously Keith Richards has outlived you.

  11. This makes me feel sick. The mob mentality against the Doctor by Michael’s so called ‘fans’ and the media makes my stomach turn. MJ would be turning in his grave and be deeply ashamed! I think everyone would agree that MJ was NOT a hater, seems funny to me that his fans are…
    The Doctor was a scapegoat, he was the only person anyone had to blame. Michael Jackson was a legend. He was also a drug addict. Legalized medications are also highly addictive, just as addictive as illegal drugs. Wake up people. What your doing is akin to what the Jews did to Jesus, Nazi Germany did to Jews.. so on and so forth. Stop hating! When will you ever learn the simple message that Michael tried so hard to spread? Love each other. You idiots!

  12. This man was a pawn or yes man for Michael Jackson, one of many. His motives seem to be either greed, glory or both. He seems to be as dippy as Jackson was.                       His standards of medical practice may have been good in his cardiology practice but were deplorable in this situation. I wonder how many doctors are “bought” by cashed up celebrities to feed their addictions? Tragic all around really.

  13. I feel bad for him as a person…but I feel anger towards him for how carelessly he practiced medicine.

  14. That’s so sad for Dr. Murray, that poor man has so much grief. Hopefully his faith will give him some strength to get through this.