Cop Watch: These Streets Are Watching

Copwatch (also Cop Watch) is a network of United States and Canadian volunteer organizations that “police the police”. Copwatch groups usually engage in monitoring of the police, videotaping police activity, educating the public about police misconduct, and advocating for more accountable law enforcement practices”

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  1. Copwatch Suffolk county on YouTube

  2. Maybe the solution is to pull the cops out of certain areas and let the locals handle things their own way.
    Works in a lot of countries.
    Then we won’t have any complaints about public employees. It will all be the community’s problem.

  3. figures just your typical niggers complaining because they cant help themselves and stop committing crimes.and as you can see they teach their little monkey’s that the police are bad.

  4. i am all for this program and it is the right of the public to observe the police and please report any true misconduct. i know there have been many, far too many, instances of police brutality and misconduct. but please also take into account the job they are doing. it is in fact a highly dangerous and stressful career that puts these officers in volatile situations daily. when they are trying to do their jobs apprehending dangerous or at risk criminals in a dangerous part of their towns, nothing could make that situation worse than acting like a bunch of animals, surrounding the officers, crowding them, and screaming at them constantly. they have no idea who is a threat when they are being surrounded. quit making a bad situation worse. true they are public servants and they should be fully accountable to any misconduct but it seemed to me, many of the times they were almost given few other options because of the crowds of screaming idiots making their jobs even harder. there are many bad cops but don’t make situations so bad that it make almost impossible to be a good cop. please please keep this program going and catch as many of the corrupt ones as you can but have a bit of tact and common sense. work together and help the good ones.

  5. like it or not, they are doing their job! They have to deal with angry people that are doing everything they can to piss them off. Right or not, if you haven’t done anything wrong, you shouldn’t be scared to answer their question. If people were smarter and less ass hole looking for trouble, their job would be easier and the bad cop would be quickly identify! Stop trying to find problem and make trouble everywhere just because!

  6. watch the wire.

  7. It’s bad, dirty cops that screw over the good, honest cops that help the neighborhood. The increasing population of bad cops take the serve and protect from the side of the government and not for the people. They make the whole force look bad and keep the force from getting the correct funding as well as new officers- this of course allows the increase in the amount of crime. We need to weed out the bad cops with these sorts of methods that CopWatch uses.

  8. The only reason why people came to trust cops in the first place was media.

    100 years ago, less maybe, people knew what cops were about. They were deeply mistrusted, had to watch their ass. They have always been used as poor against poor to harrass, imprison and kill the poor.

    But media made us forget this. Media showed us nothing but good cops and bad guys and really heroic cops. Every day, week and year of our upbringing, that was the message.

    And, on the whole, back then, cops were just kind of ordinary peacemakers that you had to be careful of.

    But it was never the case. They are the biggest traitors. They are criminals but lack the kudos or guts to do it themselves. They are smart in one way, that the biggest criminal gangsters are paying their wages and turning a blind eye to their deals and base urges, even murder.

    They are dumb because they are horse meat to these butchers and worse, traitors and cowards.

    • Just like in any section of the society your always gonna have people abusing theyr power. People should trust they´re police force as long as the police force in general deserves that trust.

      In my country (Iceland) we have a great deal of respect for our police force because they deserve that respect. We did not need any brainwashing from the media to give them that trust.

  9. Wow!…That was a real eye-opener! There was a time when the police would actually serve and protect and I guess that`s the reason they call them the Good Old Days. When I was in Kindergarten a police officer came to our class and told us never to be afraid of a police officer, that he was a friend. If we were ever separated from our mom in a big shopping mall we should go to a policeman and he would help me find my mom. Today, if that happened, mom would probably get charged with child endangerment, child negligence and any other charge they could think up to fine her for. It seems that the police today are out to get you, and the only serving they do is to serve warrants and fines. The high-tech world today with miniturised digital photographic technology that is in most people`s hands makes everybody with an up-to-date cel phone a crime videographer. It would seem that this necassary to protect ourselves, simply because the police`s main concern is in protecting themselves, not us…oh yes and to meet their Fine Quota…