Cops and Robbers

Corey Pegues is Retired NYPD Commander turned author, he grew up in Jamaica, Queens during the 70’s and 80’s, a rough time for New York with regards to drug related crime. As a kid he played Cops and Robbers just like any other but for Corey the came would turn reality as he became both.

Growing up in New York he came of age surrounded by his mother and sisters love and made true friendships on the basketball court. In this harsh urban environment however, he learned how to navigate a world built on street cred, violence, loyalty and the fight for survival.

One day though Corey had enough and decided to run away, he joined the NYPD and worked his way up the ranks to become a Commander. Once he retired he started to publicly reveal truths about his shady past which caused outrage amongst police officers who were now out to ruin him. This is his story and how who really gets a second chance in America?

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