Cosmic Dawn: The Real Moment of Creation

In the beginning the universe was a bit of a let down really, after the big bang nothing else really happened for millions of years. The big bang was not really the moment of creation, the real moment of creation came 100 million years later and it was a magical, metaphysical moment known as the cosmic dawn, the moment of first light when stars began to form.

These first star formations were fundamental with regards to how the universe evolved, they provided a means to forge the ingredients which made you, me and everything else. It was a starting point which lead to the appearance of life.

Astronomers are now trying to witness and understand this moment of creation. For the very first time they now have the tools to explore the very first stars of the universe and to tell the scientific story of our creation.

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  1. Christian creationism masquerading as science. Except this kind of shit to be broadcast in the US, but not in the UK.

  2. Teaching creationism to kids in this day and age is nothing less than child abuse.

    • You sound like a real winner…NOT.

    • arguably the greatest reason for why atheism exists in modern times is due to the notion of an everlasting hell, which doesn’t exist..

    • Leslie Graham…… Yes, I fear the truth may be that everyone out there is lying to us. Parents, preachers and teachers….. they don’t know. They’ve accepted one story line or another and they push that as the ‘truth’, and we grow up with their prejudices instilled in us through grinding repetition by these ‘mentors’. Men have created thousands of gods and religions and belief systems over the millennia, each more bizarre than the previous. Take scientology for example, or mormonism, or whatever someone is pushing down your throat at the moment. So where has this god or that god been for the thousands and thousands of years the earth has been around, as the humans evolved ever so painfully over those thousands of years. Where does the ‘if we all believe in the same story, and in the same god, we’ll be happy and secure’ belief come from? Is there any evidence to suggest that this is true? Maybe the truth is closer to the idea that no one really knows what is happening, and that all our teachers are just guessing but presenting it to us as reality…. could that be what is happening? Yes, I agree it’s child abuse to teach a false doctrine such as creationism as though it were true. Where is the evidence to prove christianity is true? Neither ‘God’ nor Jesus will show up seems to be the problem…….

        • Sorry, your ‘Amazing Discoveries’ is wrong……. Men create gods and goddesses and have for thousands of years. You’ve got it backwards….. Think of it this way, if you were a god, a perfect, all powerful god, would you create anything so stupid as this world, and human beings?

          • 2Abner……..Right, I watched about 2 minutes of that video……. which I perceive as a dramatization of some human being’s ideas of what he, or they, perceive around them. I perceive it differently. If you have any evidence, or proof for anything ‘spiritual’, I would like to see it. I think science is a better pathway to knowledge, and also the study of anthropology especially shows how men create gods and religions, to meet their needs. The name Majorie Leach comes to mind, the author of an encyclopedia of gods….. and there are thousands of them created by humans over the millennia. Does that not tell you something?

  3. koratfarang252 – Your comments pretty much sum up life. The world is a beautiful, extraordinary & fascinating place. Put humans into the equation & MANY try & bring it down to their own standards of a 1 rating. PS what is a creationist? Do they work for God as an apprentice?

  4. A good documentary about a very interesting subject. A little slow at the beginning (excuse the pun) but gets more interesting as it develops. Someone had previously rated it at 1, not sure why. I’m guessing it was a creationist upset with science 🙂 so I voted it a 10 to give a fairer rating. Worth a look.