Cosmonauts: How Russia Won the Space Race

We all think we know the story of space and that it was conquered by the Americans but thats not the real story. The actual conquers of space were a dedicated group of men and women from the other side of the iron curtain. After decades of secrecy they are now free to tell their extraordinary stories of how they risked everything to take the first steps into space.

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  1. This is a decent documentary on the Russian space program, but its central assertion is flawed badly. I’m not going to get into an argument by saying America won or Russia won; I’m just pointing out that this documentary is very one sided and dismissive of American contributions in space. For people familiar with the space programs, parts will be frustrating. They act like America did nothing after Apollo, when in truth America just went a different direction than Russia. America made skylabs out of leftover Apollo parts, then focussed on the space shuttle, which was a huge deal in manned spaceflight. No doubt, Russia did amazing things in space, but so did America. This documentary just feels like they wanted to make a potentially-controversial assertion, and then defended it badly. Still, the actual facts are mostly good and it has some rare footage, just ignore the gratuitous jabs at the American program.

    • Russia built Salyut, the first space station and then Mir, about what different direction you are talking about?! Russia had its own version of Space Shuttle, it was called Buran. Guess what remained operative even today? Soyuz, transporting astronauts since 1960’s.
      You obviously know little about space programs.