The Counterfeiter

A ESPN 30 for 30 short documentary film which examines the bizarre tale of Greg Marino, a man who has been classed as the worlds greatest counterfeiter by no only those in the industry but also those who came casing him, the FBI.

Marino himself believed he could forge any signature and never once turned down a signature when asked, however that being said he has encountered some difficult signatures, Babe Ruth was recognised as a notoriously difficult one to pull off but once Marino put his mind to it he perfected it.

Having forged well over 100,000 signed sports memorabilia it is clear to see how Marino gained such a reputation. This is how he got into doing what he did and how he was ultimately stopped by the FBI.

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  1. I just flagged this as removed. Curious to see if the admins will remove this video listing.

  2. Too bad it’s no longer viewable