CRACKHOUSE is a “Real Life” documentary by the BBC where ex-crack cocaine user Carl John or ‘CJ’ revisits his home town in Liverpool to get back in touch with some old friends who are all now addicted to the drug themselves. This unique film gives us a great insight into the day in a life of a crack addict, we are faced with prostitution and shoplifting as a means of getting by in this seedy way of life.


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  1. I love rawness of reality in this documentary. I’ve struggled with addiction for about ten years, and now thank God I’ve been sober for the last five. I’ve been on both sides of the fence and know how difficult and frightening it can be to get clean. Addiction does not discriminate, and has the potential to destroy absolutely ANYONE. But I’ve never known a “happy” addict, and these women are NOT monsters. No one is in the position to judge.

  2. Man this is bad & sad at the same time but one thing is for sure the road they travel on is a short one…the succes rate for heroin addicts is 5% and by that I mean no methadone as for crack well that stuff gets a old on your brain as heroin gets a hold of your body so bitten by the dog or bitten by the bitch you have been bitten…and the only way to get clean is to have a detox as a inpatient that will last at least six months and afterwards you need some follow up with a therapist and key people need to be in your circle not family or old friends but people who have been there.
    Empathie only goes so far and at some point one as to draw a line.

    –No emotion no more than a wave can retain it’s own original form–