Cracking The Shakespeare Code

Imagine a country where many people have become convinced that much of what we know about William Shakespeare is wrong. Thanks to the dedicated efforts of one man, a chunk of the population believes in some hugely controversial ideas about Shakespeare and secret codes appearing in his work.

The country in question is Norway, church organist Petter Amundsen has persuaded a best selling author to write the book of his theories and his codes are being reported on the evening news in his home country with thousands of followers across social media who are determined to prove Petter right.

The presenter of this film however is not one of them, his name is Robert Crumpton and he has taken it upon himself to investigate these claims of hidden code lurking within the works of Shakespeare. Petter claims that the code within reveals a treasure map where mythical objects are hidden.

Crumpton has found himself on a quest to discover the truth.

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  1. Read “The Shakespearian Ciphers Examined.” By William F. Friedman and Elizebeth Smith Friedman.

    The Friedman’s were the preeminent experts on this subject.

  2. All part of the BBCs facile and worthless coverage of this exploding subject. Yes Bacon is a very major figure in all this but he is not VVilliam Shake-speare. We know who that is. We have known with utter certainty since 2016. We have his bible in the Folger festooned with his markings relating to the works and remains unchallenged, just conveniently ignored by Stratfordian fantasists. We’ve had that for over two decades. But we now have the most astonishing cryptography in the sonnets dedication.
    This meaningless documentary is meant to drive you into a cul de sac.

  3. some of this is eerie

  4. A tempest in a teapot. In the end, who cares? Is anyone’s lives made better by knowing?

  5. What an obnoxious and biased documentary – is it from the BBC by any chance?

  6. Do not waste your time on this utter bollocks.