The Creative Brain How Insight Works

It is a feeling we all know, the moment when a light goes on in your head. In a sudden flash of inspiration, a new idea is born. Today, scientists are using some unusual techniques to try to work out how these moments of creativity – whether big, small or life-changing – come about. They have devised a series of puzzles and brainteasers to draw out our creative behavior, while the very latest neuroimaging technology means researchers can actually peer inside our brains and witness the creative spark as it happens. What they are discovering could have the power to make every one of us more creative.

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  1. So boring i wanna die

  2. Interesting documentary. It would be interesting to see brain activity of students or people who consistently excel in some field. It can bring about a revolution.

  3. Very impressive documentary. The research is very interesting.

  4. That three word connection test with Crab, Pine and Sauce was dumb. I didn’t find out by methodical thinking or in a flash, I was looking for hints and the dude was juggling fkin apples ><