Crime Inc: Hallucinogens

Deep in the Amazon, Rob a former Wall Street broker turned healer has created a free clinic of sorts, administering the highly potent narcotic ayahuasca to trauma patients.

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  2. tripnlift, you asked.

    Also, DMT is hypothesized to be producted in the pineal, where it’s precursors exist, and where the body’s greatest concentration of DMT exists. now you know, and knowing is half the buh.

  3. DMT is naturally occurring in the human body. So are enzymes known as monoamine oxiadse (MAOs) which keep levels of DMT relatively low during normal operation of the human body.

    Ayahuasca is a combination of DMT containing root bark and something that can act as an inhibitor to the MAOs known as a monoamine oxidase inihibitor. The inhibitor is necessary because of the oral ingestion method, otherwise the extra DMT would not be active in the brain.

    It has been shown that dmt levels can rise naturally in the brain under certain stressful conditions, in particular death.

    It is also speculated that there is a relatively high level of dmt present in the brain of a fetus at the point that the pineal gland develops which is coincidentally the same time the Buddhists say the soul enters into the unborn child.

    Rick Strassman did some really great research approved by the FDA and I would really recommend his book The Spirit Molecule to any one interested in what DMT does under clinical settings, how it is able to provide therapeutic benefit.

    Also I would like to point out that Ayahuasca, Daimo, and Wanto and many other similar hallucinogens are part of the indigenous culture of South America and the use of these substances is protected by the constitution of many countries,

    We are Americans and here since before you silly Gringos, seriously this mockumentary is a joke right?

    The so called expert is in the department of neurological surgery and is not an expert on DMT or Ayahuasca.

    The B Caapi is not the whole story, you don’t need to search hard to find the truth.

    I think the narc enjoyed his little trip and despite getting an insane dosage he didn’t die and whatever damage is likely due to the bad setting of the hospital when a seizure was interpreted as him about to die, thus convincing him he was going to die and sending him into a one of the worst trips for a novato…

    Seriously if you have never tripped and think about tripping you should make sure you do it with sensible people who you trust and know what the deal is and in a place you feel safe

    I think that it is important that people wake up or better yet turn on to the reality that hallucinogens are not drugs of abuse or addiction like cocaine or heroin, there is very little potential for compulsive use over extended periods of time. The experience itself is often some what overwhelming at the least if not quite unpleasant when under the initial effects of a hallucinogen, while the positive effects that manifest themselves for months if not years afterwards and redosing is not required on a frequent basis.

    There are few good reasons why hallucinogens should be considered dangerous, the most compelling reason is that government is afraid of a population it can’t control and hallucinogens often undo lots of oppressive/suppressive/authoritarian/religious conditioning and let people be more true to themselves and truly individualistic and not the fake individual they are told they should be.

    anyway, tl;dr

  4. Bad documentary, but made me laugh at least.. America = US? Crap 🙂

  5. I’ve experienced Ayahuasca 4 times now, and it is an incredible medicine. This documentary is a load of crap. The Smuggler, The User…make it seem like a terrible thing people are doing. Its an incredibly powerful experience, beautiful and worthwhile.

  6. I dont know who is recommending all this this but lately all the documentaries have been shit! What happen to all the nice science and space documentaries now all there is is bullshit and propaganda and shit documentaries

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  8. I think it’s weird y’all found this to be slanted against hallucinogens. I just finished it and came out with more of a respect for drugs like psilocybin than I had before. I think they were very balanced and, if anything, slanted in favor of the drugs. I think y’all are high.

  9. Interesting comments. I get the feeling some of these doc houses genuinely want to present interesting content in a balanced way erring even to the liberal side but they have to keep the fire/brimstone crowd on the right happy or they lose funding so you get them calling everybody ‘criminal’ so very righteously throughout whilst pathetically trying to get all touchy feely when it comes to describing the benefits of the drugs. It’s a class of schizofrenia which responds well apparently to large infusions of nutmeg and banana skin. But hey, we’re just one itty bitty trippy away from dealing with our cancer death horror apparently so crack out the blotting paper somebody?

  10. Uh. I love dmt but find me a scientific article stating that dmt is made in your own body and secretes it from the pineal gland. Thats bullshit from this guy Joe Rogan. Looks like an anti-hallucinogen documentary so fuck that. I think both sides should inform themselves more.

    • Seriously?¿ I think even a which search on corrupt Google would give you more than one option for this information. If you are serious go Google scholar and go hard!!!

  11. Funny how this program goes to ridiculous lengths to say criminal every chance it gets and to point our how everything has been made illegal. I also enjoyed the one.scientist? If you want to call her that, they put on and the whole 20 seconds she spent telling us how dangerous dmt is. What they didn’t is that your own body makes dmt and secretes it from the pineal gland. Of course the truth is too inconvienient when your “documentary ” is funded by phizer. What a piece of shit propaganda piece. Way to show a proper cross section of the actual users of dmt. I swear if this thing were any more slanted it would slide right off the fucking web.

  12. Why is all the history/discovery/tlc/bullshit american tv documentaries raping this site?