2012 Crossing Over A New Beginning

This film by BraveArcherFilms is the Final Edition of “2012 Crossing Over A New Beginning”, which when released in 2012 was viewed over 1 million times on YouTube alone. The film itself is an inspirational one that explores a more positive spiritual viewpoint behind the significance of December 21, 2012. A date that seems to captivated many but we all now know the world didn’t actually come to an end, as was predicted by many. So what in fact did actually happen and why did this particular date mean so much to so many?

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  1. Holy crap. What a useless bull$hit video. Druggies made this. There’s time i’ll never get back. >:-|

  2. A whole bunch of men (and no women) saying a whole bunch of patriarchial bullshit.

  3. 2021
    is the year

  4. My thoughtwaves were aimed that these men are just f@@@@ing crazy and it works there crazy MF

  5. Beautiful

  6. did anyone notice the $1.00 sticker on that dudes glasses lol like wtf. I only have 1 question: when do we get to drink the koolaid?!?!

  7. My doomsday prophet comment was aimed squarely @ chip griffin, not the documentary, and no I didn’t finish it, cause is its laced with fantasy.

    • and thinking is not a strong point for this guy. yea we know, everything is as it is, nothing ever got together and thought, maybe we can do something together and on purpose. maybe even GOD is pulling some strings with a master plan and we have meaning in our lives. i know i found one in mine…nothing just is

  8. This is atrocious.

    • ahem,


      of a very poor quality; extremely bad or unpleasant.
      “he attempted an atrocious imitation of my English accent”synonyms:appalling, dreadful, terrible, very bad, unpleasant, lamentable, woeful, miserable, poor, inadequate, unsatisfactory; More

  9. Although this is not everyone’s cup of tea, and I don’t agree with everything said, the overall message of the film is a really positive one. Looking at the comments here makes me really wonder if anyone ‘actually’ watched it till the end! It is not a doomsday prophecy film, its rather opposite and covers numerous topics such as a refreshing positive perspective on the significance of 2012 (in comparison to the doomsday one), the agenda of fear in mainstream media, the power of unity and love, and how we are all co-creators in this world shaping our future with our everyday choices. The overall message of the film is to choose love and become part of making the world a better place starting with the self! I suggest an open mind and challenge people to see the whole film! I for one have benefited from the perspectives and topics discussed in this film 🙂

  10. Another doomsday prophet, when have they EVER been right. I’m still waiting or the Armageddon Jesus promised us over 2000 years ago. All that ever did was breed fear and paranoia and make radical thinkers believe they need to wear aluminium hats to stop the CIA from beaming intructions into their heads, what a life lol, or delusion, your call.

  11. well ask this dummy why the government don’t understand, they are busy putting the mark of the beast together. i guess that is just a frame of mind too. DON’T COUNT ON IT FOLKS THE END IS TRUELY HERE

  12. lol, to say that mans consciousness, and aggregate social psychology is affected by the positions of planets and stars is utter garbage, and breeds stupidity. This is intellectually insulting, and theres ZERO scientific evidence to support this claim.
    This is ASTROLOGY at its worst !

  13. I wonder how these people are measuring consciousness and vibrations and such. I believe I heard on here that the sun crosses the galactic plane every 24,000 years (Dec 12, 2012 being the latest) but I think it is really 35 million years.

    Peace and love on the way, because…we are awakening and we were sleepy! Who woke these guys up to be able to tell us what happened, how it happened and when it happens again? Sounds like a lot of religion to me, i.e. unbelievable.

    We are “finding” ourselves How nice.