Crossover Kids

On the surface, Coy Mathis is a typical six-year-old girl. She likes dressing up, gravitates towards the colour pink, and enjoys playing with her dolls. But Coy was born a boy.

Recently she won the right to use the girls restroom at her school in Colorado. The decision was made by the Colorado Civil Rights Division on Sunday that the Fountain-Fort Carson School District created an unnecessarily hostile situation for Coy Mathis by not allowing her to use the female bathroom.

Transgender advocates are hailing the decision as a major step forward for transgender rights. By not allowing Coy to use the girls’ restroom, the Eagleside Elementary School in Fountain ‘creates an environment rife with harassment,’ Steven Chavez, the division director, wrote in the decision.

Crossover Kids investigates the complex and fascinating world of transgender children. Backed by medical experts, a growing number of parents in the United States are allowing their kids to live openly as the other gender.

For the children involved, the switch can end years of unhappiness and feelings of being trapped in the wrong body. But like other members of the transgender community, they can face deep social stigma and discrimination.

How young is too young to change sex?

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  1. And here I thought that, this being a documentary site, there would be nothing but intelligent people here. *looks at the stupidity below* I guess not. >=(

  2. This is insane. When I was little I would have killed for the chance to be treated like a boy, to do everything boys do, everything boys are allowed. If I were 40 some odd years younger and had insane parents, maybe I would be in this kind of ridiculous mess. I totally wanted to be a boy, wanted to look like a boy, dressed like a boy, but guess what, I’M NOT TRANSGENDERED. I’m 100% heterosexual. This is pure insanity. No child this young should be considered transgendered. Complete insanity.

  3. THIS is what happens when you take your child to see a shrink. You’re nothing but a science experiment to them. this SICKENS me.

  4. These parents should be put to death. Immediately.

  5. That Walter Heyer guy is disgusting. He has absolutely no right to speak for hundreds of thousands of transgender people. Now transphobic people can use him to validate their beliefs. “See? This guy was transgender himself and he thinks it’s bullshit, so it must be.”


  6. But its a boy not a girl? living as another sex is all well and good but it doesn’t change the fact that no matter what that child does, he is still a boy and allowing any boy into the girls restroom simply because he wants to go in there is absurd. There is a simple reason why boys and girls look different, because we are different, from the way medication works on us too the physical conditions our bodies can handle. Let the kid dress up like a girl if he wants, but he still must use the boys restroom because, guess what, he is a boy.

  7. Faggot.

    That is all.