CRY WOLF: An Unethical Oil Story

DeSmogBlog investigates the controversial decision by Alberta’s government to ignore the threat of rapid industrial expansion in the Alberta Tar Sands region, and instead kill thousands of wolves to appear to be doing something to save dwindling woodland caribou populations. Through interviews with scientists, wildlife experts and a First Nations chief, the myth of Canada’s “ethical oil” is further exposed as oil industry greenwashing. Learn more at

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  1. The use of the term Tar Sands has a negative connotation to it. A lot of people tune these environmentalists out as the use of the term Tar Sands immediately indicates they have a negative agenda towards the oil and gas industry.

    Soften the speak to become more receptive to the masses as a whole in order to get your message out.

    • Splitting hairs; it is what it is. We could call it bit sands, but tar is close enough. Softening the speak would equate to pussy-footing, and is a quality the masses of Canadians could do without.

  2. Killing the wolves in order to increase the numbers of caribou is like shooting yourself in the foot to stop fighting a war.The wolves are not the reason the numbers of caribou are diminishing in Alberta. The reason is because their environment is diminishing from unscrupulous devolopment of the forestry and energy operations and the damaging effects that it has on the wildlife! Our economy is dependant on energy to operate successfully and oil is the main fuel that seems to make things run at the peak performance. Unfortunately there are some serious side effects that we don’t like to look at until it all sneaks up on us and pisses on our leg…and it’s not a wolf! More care must be taken if we are to develop these necessary resources in the future and much more than “Profit” must be taken into strict consideration if we are to live successfully. Mother Nature is a very cruel teacher and we shouldn’t be messing her up! A little more time and some more expense must be taken if we are to develop these resources successfully and keep things healthy.