Curiosity What Sank Titanic?

It’s almost 100 years since the Titanic sank. We think we know the story but how much do we actually know? Drawing on detailed trial records that describe the sinking, we recreate both the science and human drama of one of history’s greatest stories.

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  1. the Titanic and Olympic, were not true sister ships.  The Titanic was Larger and had much more expensive furnishings .  the Titanic had 4 stacks ( 1 for show), the Olympic 3.  the Titanic was over 100 feet longer and 10,000 tons heavier.  Captain Smith was not a Jesuit, he was Angelican.  and the US federal reserve would not be effected at all by the loss of any British ship.  Michael Ryan got his facts intentionally wrong, hopefully for a laugh. not for a conspiracy fairy tale.

  2. D-O, They steer it the wrong way from the command because before titanic, ships were steered with a tiller (some still are). In order to turn the ship to port, you move the tiller to starboard. The command is “helm to starboard.” (The “helm” being the actual steering mechanism.) It caused some confusion with each ship but the command stayed the opposite. There is a section on the ‘Tiller’ wikipedia page under ’tillers orders’ which goes into more detail.

  3. Is it me, or does the helmsman steer the wrong way at 5.09. Now I know why it sank…

  4. is it me or does he have one of the most boring voices

  5. I don’t think you have that right. Of was Paul Harvey with the rest of the story. At least here in the states.
    As for the first fellow, I.would be interested In your sources for those claims. It would explain things far better than just a seasoned captain throwing caution to the wind on the maiden voyage of a brand new ship design. That just doesn’t make sense at all. As to the Astor comment, well, it didn’t stop the fed from criminally existing.

  6. I swear i thought that was Nic Cage talking for a minute there hahahaha

  7. As one of my favourite radio announcers, Bob Hescutt used to say, signing off every broadcast with…”And now you know the rest of the story…”Excellent representation of what it must have been like for the crew as well as the passengers, showing the true tragedy of what it was like on board the Titanic, the night she went down…it was, “The next best thing to being there”…nice work!

  8. Whit Star Line owned 2 almost identical sister ships: The “Olympic” and the “Titanic”. Olympic was damaged in a collision with a British naval ship and was patched up in Belfast and was still leaning a bit on one side. For insurance fraud purposes, the ship names were switched overnight during repairs in Belfast and the ship that sunk was really the “Olympic” and the insurance paid out 5 days later for the “Titanic”. The captain (a Catholic Jesuit whose oath includes cutting open pregnant women) had 20 years experience on the Atlantic route but deliberately steamed full speed into an iceberg to kill off Lord Astor and others opposed to creating the so called “Federal” Reserve Bank. The official enquiries were cover-ups.