The Curse Of The Methuselah Tree

In California, on top of a desolate mountain stands a tree, it is no ordinary tree, it is in fact the world’s oldest living organism. A twisted bristlecone pine tree which goes by the name Methuselah, a name given to it by the scientist who discovered it.

It is now over 4,000 years old and to put this number into perspective it was just a seedling when the Egyptian pyramids were being built and a mature tree at the time of Christ. The Curse Of The Methuselah Tree aims to show us how climate and dramatic events have shaped the life of this tree, everything from volcanoes to nuclear tests.

Using archive footage and stunning computer animation along with a echoing first person narration from poet Roger McGough this film contemplates the tree’s future and reveals the curse that has followed anyone who has dared to work on the tree – an early death.

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  1. i loved this..

  2. why is it that i cant download anything from this site