Cycling’s Greatest Fraud

This one-hour special dissects the story of the science and scheming behind what’s been called “the most sophisticated and successful doping scheme in all of sports”.

Piece together eyewitness testimonies and delve into the illicit science to discover how the USADA says the doping plot began and then mushroomed in its complexity.

With new interviews from key members of his inner circle, see how Armstrong went to great lengths to protect his secret and his legacy, by using all the powers at his command to silence and attack critics, while assuring the public that his blood was as clean as his public image.

But, in the end, his empire collapsed, as the scheming unravelled and the science finally caught up with Armstrong.

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  1. I meant to write “public” shame.

  2. I feel bad for the athletes who had to play along with all the doping and lying. Having to live with their public must be awful.
    I get the feeling Lance is a psychopath. But I’m not a psychiatrist!

  3. Hey billybob,

    Heres a list of cyclists who have won the Tour De France, and have not tested positive to banned substances;
    Chris Froome
    Bradley Wiggins
    Cadel Evans
    Andy Schleck
    Carlso Sastre

    There are more, perhaps you can go have a look for yourself.

    Tyler Hamilton was subpoenaed by a federal grand jury to testify in their doping investigation of Lance Armstrong.

    Whats dumb is how blind the average Lance Armstrong fan is (yes I mean you billybob). Armstrong is a particularly nasty piece of work, he would destroy anyone who questioned his lies.

    How do you know that all athletes take banned substances? Lets be honest, that’s not actually correct. History shows that facts aren’t your strong point.

    • lance,

      you cannot even finish typing cadel evans name into google before cadel evans doping comes up. He met with ferrari in 2000 to do some cycling tests but magically did not bring up doping. I call bull on that one.

      the reason i said all pro athletes take something is because they do. people are not made to be as strong, fast, and recover as quickly as these athletes do. They only way it can be done is by taking PEDs, and other supplements that will eventually become illegal once you can test for them.

      Everyone that got caught, initial response was “lance did it”. own up to your own choices. no one made you do anything and you could have walked away at any point if you werent good enough or once you realized it was not humanly possible to compete without PEDs

  4. its dumb how everyone acts like lance is the only one. ALL professional athletes take something the general public doesnt know about or understand. Name one cyclist that has won the tour and did not eventually test positive. Oh yea you cant. hamilton is only talking because he tested positive and is mad that people still like lance more. Im not going to act like Im not a fan of lance but I am a fan without the blinders. I know all athletes take stuff but thats why I dont look up to athletes as role models

  5. The ancient Mexicans would compete in a sort of basketball but with a hard rubber ball and could only be touched with the waist. The winners were sacrificed to the gods. Competition was not just about winning.

    • wow ! i didn’t know the ancient Mexicans had rubber, since it wasn’t invented until the 50’s.. those fuckin beaners, maybe they should make a giant rubber dildo for Lance Armstrong’s bike seat.

    • Actually, the losers would be sacrificed to the gods not the winners. The “home team” would play vs the “visitors” (prisoners of war, rejects and criminals). And the ball could be touched with any body parts except for the hands.