D Day to Berlin

From the moment that Allied forces established the first beachhead in Normandy on D-Day, the end of the war in Europe was in sight. But although many soldiers joked about being in ‘Berlin by Christmas’, tenacious German resistance soon brought home the realisation that there were to be no quick victories. It was a nearly a year before the defeat of Nazi Germany was complete and Hitler’s Third Reich lay in ruins – a year of murderous struggle in the hedgerows of the bocage, exhilaration at the liberation of Paris, tragedy in the ill-fated Operation Market Garden and panic as the Wehrmacht stunned the Allies with a full-blooded offensive in the Battle of the Bulge.

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  1. What a great documentary. Excellent overview of how the war progressed after D-Day itself. My own father landed with the Green Howards in the first wave of troops ashore at Gold Beach and the documentary brings much of what he was involved in to life. Such as the bocage and also the cornfields. Dad recounts an incident in the latter when he and his comrades were ambushed in a cornfield and several of his battalion were killed. He recalled being glad the Germans had not tossed a mortar into the field as it would have set them all alight. At the end of June, Dad was wounded by an 88mm shell near Villers Bocage (one of the 2000 casualties mentioned in the documentary) and had to be evacuated back to England via the mulberry harbour at Arromanches. People can read more about Bill Cheall’s memoirs at the web site which you can easily find through Google – Fighting Through – which has many photos and news updates from comrade families as well as memoirs from other comrades connected with him.

  2. Randall: the Nazi SS Scientist were sprung long before any D Day. They went on to torture and main their way through our parents and our lives today, as with Ewen Cameron, Dr Josef Mengeles, Josef Delgrado, setting up behavioural and psychological warfare labs passing as therapies. We live under the self same system today as the Nazis and Bolsheviks are bed brothers and always have been.

    If you look into the lesser known historical documentation covering the methods and process of assimilating a united Europe and state of Israel, consider The Pink Swaztika, The barbarous Versailles Treaty and the true conditions for the German Christian population throughout the Bolshevick Revolution onwards, you will discover, just as War Is A Racket revealed by Butler Smedly, that the German people were victims, not perpetrators of these psychopoliticised events in the theatres of war.

    All four corners of power were held by bolshevick/fascist members and sympathisers: Churchill, Stalin, Hitler and Eisnhower (misspelt). Just as it was always the peasants suffering the brunt of revolutionary terrorism by the state, they were starved, displaced and imprisoned in gulags or army without support. it was figured Stalin could lose a few million Russians which always helps the depopulation imperatives of war.

    So when we hear these drivelling self aggrandising hero memes of those forced into ritual bloody sacrifice of their fellows under the false flag of patriotism (national socialism) or globalism (communism) we are mistaken if we think that ‘we’ or any people of our kind ‘won’ any war.

    The winners were the makers and shakers of warfare, revolution, coups; the Banksters who finances both sides.

  3. Eddard Stark narrates World War Two!!! One of the more fun docs I’ve watched in a while. Sean Bean rocks.

  4. Well…I think that this Documentary should have been called “D-day to Germany”, because once the allies liberated France and sent the Germans running with their tails between their legs, back home to try and save “The Fatherland”… Is there a Part 2 that takes us through to Berlin? The re-enactments are done well and the actual war films blend in very nicely and the naration leads one to understand the real hardships of the battle and the planning that went into it all…well done!!…give us part two and take us into Berlin and together we’ll destroy Hitler, once and for all, and all of his sadistic Nazi monsters!!!…To Victory!!!

  5. The ad’s on this website sucks .. it plays at the same time as the video and you can’t turn it off :S