One hour documentary, awarded the Grand Prize for Best Feature Length Film at the 2011 Portland Humanist Film Festival – chronicles the life of publisher D.M. Bennett (1818-1882). D.M. Bennett was nineteenth-century America’s most controversial and unjustly imprisoned editor of the “blasphemous” New York City freethought periodical THE TRUTH SEEKER. Written, produced, and directed by Roderick Bradford, author of the biography D.M. Bennett: The Truth Seeker (Prometheus Books). Edited by Tom Flynn at the Center for Inquiry, Amherst, New York. Funded by a grant from the James Hervey Johnson Charitable Educational Trust. [email protected]

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  1. Great. Thanks for an informative film.

  2.  I think it is plausible to conclude that many of the most influential founding fathers were basically Agnostic. Here in lies the strength of America’s constitution.  Many came to America wishing to get away from the church’s involvement in policy. Hence the separation of church and state. One must never forget the founding fathers original intent.

     “God” does not appear in the constitution once. The only two
    references to religion include the right to practice ones own religion
    (as long as it does not infringe on any one else’s constitutional
    rights; as with all rights outlined in the constitution) and the
    prohibition of religious tests for possible office holders.

    Even though the framers of the U.S. Constitution we white, protestant,
    wealthy men they were careful not to mention “God” or his supposed
    Religious zealots have no place in politics.  Unfortunatley the Christian vote appears to play a larger role today than it did back then. Many who believe they know the history of the United States would do well watching this documentary.   The United States at it’s core was founded on Agnostic Secular beliefs.”In God We Trust” was only adopted in 1956 and is arguably unconstitutional and violates the first amendment.   You need to go back a little further if you are a “Truth Seeker”  

  3. I have just watched the Documentary on D.M. Bennett.  It was interesting and thought provoking.  The real tragedy of Bennett’s legacy, is that, in the subsequent one hundred years  the United States has not really  progressed, and is essentially as intolerant now as it was in the time of D.M.  Bennett .

  4. Where is the truth now bennet