Dambusters Declassified

Martin Shaw takes a fresh look at one of the most famous war stories of them all. The actor, himself a pilot, takes to the skies to retrace the route of the 1943 raid by 617 Squadron which used bouncing bombs to destroy German dams. He sheds new light on the story as he separates the fact from the myth behind this tale of courage and ingenuity.

Using the 1955 movie The Dam Busters as a vehicle to deconstruct the raid, he tries to piece together a picture of perhaps the most daring attack in the history of aviation warfare.

Along the way, Shaw hears from the last RAF veteran of the raid, as well as a German survivor of the tsunami which resulted from the Moehne

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  1. I remember watching the movie, The Dam Busters, which I loved and I was thinking what an incredible tale of technology and courage in a time of war. Although this documentary show us that not all of the movie was exactly true, it does illustrate just how dangerous and difficult this mission was and how brave and skilled these airmen were, in order to pull this raid off. I loved the movie but I was more impressed with the truth of this documentary…Bravo!!!

  2. This guy Martin Shaw is just
    an old hack and poser as bad as they come.