Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on UFOs

2001 was a real space odyssey for me. Instead of flying on a spaceship to the moon, Jupiter, or beyond the solar system, I met Dan Aykroyd for the first time to talk about UFOs. That’s when I knew I had to sit him down in front of the camera, just let him talk about the truth and make a documentary film out of it. Because if I didn’t no one would believe we had this amazing conversation. In this long conversation with Dan Aykroyd about UFOs, I thought it was like Einstein was hiding inside of a comic genius, just so that if he told us the real truth he wouldn’t have to believe it. If Einstein had told us UFOs were real, would we have believed *him*? He never spoke about it. But Dan Aykroyd speaks about UFOs as if he were a full professor on the subject. Hollywood star Dan Aykroyd, who is a believer in the existence and government cover-up of alien life-forms, hosts this look into the phenomenon of UFO sightings.

Akroyd shares his personal experiences in this field and also discusses recent findings with author and UFOlogist David Sereda. DAN AYKROYD UNPLUGGED ON UFOS features UFO footage as well as testimonial material from Astronaut Gordon Cooper and others, including former president Ronald Reagan.

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  1. Where can I find all episodes?

  2. Delete my last comment

  3. Where can I find this documentary?

  4. The overwhelming number of reports coming from seemingly Credible witnesses. Military, police, pilots, Gainfully employed successful persons of all fields, Mass sightings.

    All lead to evidence that the phenomenon is real.

    As for the Russian film’s. They appear to be Russian propaganda. Look out, we have materials in our possession that give us a leg up in technology.

    Simply because of the videography. As for T
    the so called craft footage. Everyone on seen gets to get right up on it and get a good look. However they don’t seem to examine in any great detail. The Ranking persons would have been enthralled.

    As for the so called being autopsy documenting video. The video should have been documenting the actual autopsy. Capturing footage of the actual being and it’s biological makeup. For others with clearance and need to know present and future that could not be there at the time of the occurrence and for the preservation of such details and knowledge.

    However it was more of a look at what we got and what we’re doing.

  5. Alright! I wont try to be cool funky and cute. I will tell you straight out. Yes Alien beings are real a fact in our man made reality. However our reality is not the finnal familiar interpretation of true on going Space time Continum.

  6. Hello people. Doctors that hold PHD’S in astrophysics or a bonafied physicist

  7. Aliens like me mr phd. Doctot of running scared head long into oblivion without the spine needed to face reality in thr form of my kinds face. The face of an alien et from yo muthe muther??? Thats a joke for n my Et relations my good buggerham. Peace on planet toid ooyyth amd gud nights spinless none ET. ALIENS.

  8. 9.1 stars? What the hell is wrong with you people, lol.

  9. Well it certainly makes you think O.o……why do they wanna probe my ass?
    At least buy me a drink first, cheap bastards….. 

  10. very good! Dan Aykroyd is a king 😀

  11. If you’re a Dan Aykroyd fan and have an interest in ufos, it’s worth the watch.

    I’ve seen a hot air balloon that looks more like the Venice sighting than the saucer shape they’re using as an artists concept though. Silver-skinned and all. I’d like to see someone check where it was flying on that day just out of curiosity.

    The background music is a bit much. Always makes you feel a sense of dread regardless of what they’re saying.