Dan Hardy: The Outlaw

Dan Hardy is a champion. He isn’t delusional about exactly where his talents lie: “I get paid to beat people up,” he has said at the Canadian/USA border when asked by border patrol what he does for a living. He’s not your average MMA fighter, however. He’s also known as a sweetheart.

Hardy has the gift – or terrible affliction – depending on your viewpoint, to be able to commit himself fully to accomplishing a goal. Hardy’s goal is not to become President of the United States, rid the world of hunger, or even become a doctor and make his mother happy. Hardy lives to destroy human flesh in the ring. He can live for months at the gym: barely talking in between workouts.

He is aware of the mental tole – not just the physical one – that all the training and psychological warfare is having on his brain. He views the world as a series of enemies who challenge his identity.

But is there anything for Hardy outside the world of fighting? His MMA nickname, The Outlaw, after all, for a reason. Sadly, fighting is the only place where he feels a connection to his fellow man – even if that connection is on the receiving end of a fist.

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  1. shut up ponee .. hes a bitch and so are u

  2. From someone who spent a fair amount of time with Dan in Peru going through some intense transformational experiences with him, He is amazing person. He is one of the most balanced, courageous, kind people I have met. He may not be a social butterfly, but he is far from a muscle-head twit. Dan has truly been an inspirational figure to those that know him. Never judge a book by it’s cover.

  3. @nightprowler, you call Dan Hardy a ‘muscle-bound twit’ having had the pleasure to know many MMA fighters, a ‘twit’ as you succinctly put it is so very, very far from the mark, you obviously havent been around many MMA fighters. Listen, just listen to what Hardy is saying, he references Rollins and Hunter S. Thompson, hardly a knuckledragging ‘twit’ is he. Hardy seems a man in conflict as I would expect from his line of work, its understandable, its just not normal, which makes Hardy what he is, not normal, and what is wrong with that? I find a man who can articulate, reference and in circumstances chastise his work very interesting.

    To Dan, perfection is an impossible achievement, do not chase it; you ask ‘whats next’? After seeing a fleeting glimpse of you in the gym fand or me looking in (yes, I know another contributor to your life), you are a natural teacher. How fulfilling must it be to take a young person, teach them discipline, give them a direction and watch them grow into a responsible, respectful human being now for me thats as close as perfect as it can get

  4. Good video. Really gives a new angle on Hardy. I would have guessed he was more sure of himself as he is very talented and clearly hard working. Seems like a nice guy lacking confidence in his and in himself.
    Still, it’s always nice to see people putting their energy into something productive that stimulates growth.
    I’ve always found it interesting that those who train seriously are generally the type of people who wish to improve themselves. Usually it starts as physically, then it turns to mental growth – no one trains 6 days a week without growing mentally. These same dedicated people are too often viewed as being ego driven muscle heads. A lot of them are, but what does that say about the person who puts their energy into pointing out their flaws instead of being uplifting or directing it towards something else productive?

  5. It’s worth a watch. I don’t think he’s being egotistical at all… He’s a good fighter and wanted to give the world an insight to his life and mind, props to him for it! 

  6. Modern day gladiators (you see it in hockey too). Some have not evolved.

  7. Don’t waste time watching this drivel.

  8. boring ass vid.

  9. another muscle bound twit … just what the world needs

    • The guys like 170 and he is very far from muscle bound. Its sad these days taking care of your body makes you a twit.

  10. Nice little lad…A big ego but you just want to give him a hug, he obviously lacks confidence. I wish he used his brains and dedication for something more positive.

  11. He’s a bit full of himself for a mid level ufc fighter. GSP is 10 times better and he’s not as full of himself as this wanker.  

  12. He can have my lunch money.

  13. Spose it has value of another study of psychopathic OCD but what about good old fashioned brain duhhhh damage?

  14. Good inside look into a fighters mind, just a shame its so short.