Dangerously Rich: Billionaire Super Security

Protesters, Pirates, even Kidnappers are targeting todays super rich. Some say these threats are intensifying and as a result billionaires from around the world are fortifying their personal security with sophisticated, cutting edge and so called head of state level protection. From high security on the high seas to when the bad guys come, the tools and technologies to take down any intruder at any cost. While their jet setting or on the move an entire industry is on call ready to sell the super rich, super security and even some good old fashioned muscle.

With exclusive access to Warren Buffets bodyguard this documentary goes behind the scenes with his team. money cant buy happiness but can it buy personal safety? Inside the best protection money can buy this is Dangerously Rich, Billionaire Super Security.

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  1. rich people: passes law against poor people, passes extra bank charges for poor people, dumps edible foods and drinks as waste in the dumps, steals everything, hires mobsters to beat up people, breaks every law and gets away with bribes
    someone: i hate these guys
    rish people:*surprised pikachu face*

  2. the rich deserve to be beaten up, millions die because of all the money they steal

  3. It makes me wonder who wants to be overly-rich if you’re so disconnected from reality that you think everone’s trying to kill you. Also, it wasn’t so much a documentary as a t.v. show; it should have been much more in-depth than it was. As it was, it obviously merely skimmed the surface of the subject matter.