Dark Fellowships: Nazi Cult, The Vril

Uncover the truth surrounding one of the most renowned and feared organisations in the world, the Vril Society. This compelling one-off explores conspiracy theories, retraces historical events, investigates internal agendas and uncovers macabre rituals.

Profiling prominent and often famous members, alleged to include many of the Nazi Party elite, including Hermann Göring, Heinrich Himmler, and even Adolf Hitler, the program reveals information that the most clandestine of secret societies want to remain secret.

Legend has it that the original members of the society believed they could live under the earth and fly to far away stars powered by a mysterious substance called Vril. They also believed that one day they would rule the world. This dangerous group existed at the core of the Nazi Party, and like many dark fellowships, remnants of the group still exist today, almost 100 years after its founding. In this special, viewers will discover what occult rites were performed by the organisation in their dark lust for ultimate power.

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  1. F@ckwits all! Any member of any “secret society” is a sad, pathetic, narcissistic looser, who is desperately trying to vindicate their own accidental existence by endeavouring to be “special”; or “chosen” even. From Christ to Stalin; Adolf Hitler to Donald Trump, humanity has been plagued by these wretches from the beginning of recorded history – and no doubt before. Bring on the apocalypse, homo sapiens has failed and something else needs a chance.
    Personally, I thought the doc’ was a hoot 🙂

  2. 30 seconds in, and I’m apalled already. The “Vril Society” and its western counterpart, the Vril Community, are both dedicated to the study of the Vril energy (also called Prana, Chi, or simply “the Force.” This video is pure propaganda bollocks. For REAL information, see the five short volumes, “Conversations With Fraulein Maria” on Kindle Ebooks.

  3. Yeah… they just happened to be financed and backed by USAs swealthiest, dirtiest, scummiest businessmen ever to walk the planet, just to do their bidding against Communist Russia. USA fascists were behind Hitlers rise to power and saved the best of them after the war for their own needs.

  4. The incredible ignorance (I don’t know what else to call it unless it be arrogance) of many people amazes me. All the comments on how they don’t believe it and its meant to make the Nazis look stupid. Does NO ONE read history? Does no one know what goes on routinely???????? I am British, though my family has been in the US a long time. The gentleman who wrote the book they discuss, who was Lord Lytton by the way, it wasn’t his last name – was himself a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. He was educated and one of Britain’s world level diplomats. BTW – let us remember, Britain at one point in time controlled more than a third of the total land surface of the earth — so they must have done pretty well too. Well, while they were doing well, nearly every person of any breeding OR money, belonged to one secret order or another. American elites did as well — in fact ALL ELITES DID and many elites do today Some of the orders are little more than social clubs, some are nationalistic, some are religious, some are occult, some are dark, some are light, etc. The Vril and Thule were both important secret societies in Germany after WWI — no big surprise there. So how exactly did they make the Germans seem stupid, just because now, 67 years later YOU don’t believe in “any of that?” How does it reduce their accomplishment? How does it reduce their horror? Oh, right, it doesn’t. So it makes you uncomfortable. Oh well, if you are going to watch documentaries, suck it up.

  5. Hog-wash!  

  6. Yes, German nazis was nothing but
    whitetrash unintelligent evil demons. They just happened by
    coincidence to create the strongest market economy and welfare state
    and public sector ever in Europe during their time. They just
    happened to create to strongest and most advanced military force
    ever. From ashes and brutal poverty, humiliating and starvation after
    the first world war the just happened to build the most effective and
    richest superpower mankind have ever seen in a couple of years. They
    just happened to be the first with campaign against breast cancer for
    women, social security net for single parent mothers, the first to
    establish laws against animal cruelty, laws for preservation and
    protection for the environment. The first state to encourage to a
    healthy lifestyle for the citizens, erased poverty and
    unemployment. Even to this day the most complicated space technology
    is based upon what German scientist discovered during the thirties
    and forties. And so goes for road building, cars, high-tech industry
    and administration and so on and on, the list is endless. Whitetrash
    and evil German nazis are quite remarkable I must say…

    • So remarkable, that in just a few short years, a teenage rag tag American Army of middle class hell raisers stomped ignorant Nazi ass into the dirt. You do realize Nazis stole everything they had from those they exterminated.

  7. What a crap… They do anything to make them look stupid. Well, they where not stupid at all! They taken over europe in very little time and in science where far ahead of many many other country’s.

    Stupid docu, waste of time.

  8. I dont believe any of this. This doc is crap

  9. I dont believe any of this. This doc is crap

  10. Ooo, are there courses to sign up for?  How much?  Never mind!  Just let me take some.  How is my e-meter reading?

  11. Ooo, are there courses to sign up for?  How much?  Never mind!  Just let me take some.  How is my e-meter reading?

  12. Ooo, are there courses to sign up for?  How much?  Never mind!  Just let me take some.  How is my e-meter reading?

  13. Why did I bother?

  14. *cough* Scientology.
    (watch the end of the first segment before forming an opinion about what I mean)

    • The obvious difference being the ongoing intent of the author, who carried his previously sci-fi works toward religion. I’m not calling them nazis, any more than I would call myself a lemur.

  15. this is total bullshit and a waste of time