Dark Future of the Sun

Our Sun has served Earth well for almost five billion years. It has bathed us with heat and energy and sustained life on our planet. But like people, our home star is mortal.

In five billion years, it will stop nurturing its planetary offspring. In this documentary we voyage some five billion years into the future to see how the Sun will eventually end its existence and affect the future of life on our planet. Will humanity one day find a new home amongst the stars and survive the death of the Sun?


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  1. At some point here im going to click on a documentary that actually freaking works. Please clean up your dead links FFS

  2. if that guy makes one more comparison between the sun and his car…im turning this off 😛 lol  

  3. Good thing they could reuse the space ship from the Earth evacuation when leaving Mars.

  4. I’m sorry, but I just can’t watch dramatic documentaries done with a husky american voice and sound effects. It ruins it for me, this isn’t Big Brother.

    • nobody cares.  comment on things you like and leave the rest of us to enjoy the watch!

    • Yeah and I’m sure everything that we learn has to be the BIGGEST EVENT IN ALL OF THE UNIVERSE right…Gawd. BBC went waaay down.

  5. What does the history channel know about the future!?

  6. What does the history channel know about the future!?