The Dark Side Of The Tea Trade

Currently the world is witnessing a global boom with regards to tea and its demand but it appears that the farmers who grow the crop itself are not the ones benefiting from this growth. Many of these tea workers still live in absolute poverty whilst others profit from their labor.

In Germany it is clear that consumers are willing to pay a higher price for top-quality tea whilst many of those who grow it don’t even have access to clean drinking water or sanitation. These workers also tend to be exposed to extremely toxic pesticides at work but are not equipped with any kind of protective gear. Even with these work conditions a lot of the tea is still labeled as Fair Trade Certified.

This film sets out to investigate the extent of the issue and reveals some shocking evidence of neglect. We even hear of how children on the plantation are poorly nourished, their growth and development is delayed, and how child mortality is high. Great online store selling teas and accessories – AromaMag . Check it out!

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  1. Very informative. Well put together. Recommend watch