Darwin’s Secret Notebooks

Using Darwin’s own diary and field notes as a travel guide, retrace Darwin’s expedition beyond the Galapagos to uncover the forgotten evidence that inspired his revolutionary work. He wasn’t a mathematician. He wasn’t an inventor. He was just a 20-something guy who liked to poke around in the dirt.

Yet, Charles Darwin developed a theory of evolution so significant that it forms the bedrock of biology, and so radical it is still controversial in some circles today. In 1859, when he was 50, Darwin published “On the Origin of Species,” the work that outlined the theory of natural selection and left every high-schooler hankering for a trip to the Galapagos Islands. He was only 22 when he began the five-year adventure that led him to his legacy.

Charles Darwin’s five-year expedition led him to his theory of evolution. Feb. 12, 2009 marked his 200th birthday.

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