David Guetta: Nothing But the Beat

David Guetta, popular French house music producer and DJ, tells the story of himself and the electronic music.

“I cannot look at myself in the mirror if I do not give 100 percent. My ambition is new each day, I have so much to learn and so much to achieve.” – David Guetta
Nothing But The Beat reveals David Guetta’s meteoric rise from underground house DJ to global superstar.
Featuring the likes of, Kelly Rowland, Ludacris and Snoop Dogg, the full-length documentary Nothing But The Beat offers fans a unique insight into the professional and personal life of David Guetta and chronicles one of the finest innovations in electronic music.

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  1. Listen to you idiots criticizing this guy?! Listen to what you’re actually saying for a minute… House music, as nice as it is to dance to, is just a simple manipulation of an electronic medium – bits and bytes. The raw talent required to mix a beat in a software program is neglible at best – and please don’t compare it to any other established form of music – because its not at their level or league. They’re just computer hackers with smidgen of rhythm.

    And.. to any of you talking down to him because he’s a sell out, or glamour-puss or an undeserving twat – the fact remains, he’s the one that broke the scene wide open to a far reaching, global market. Love him or hate him…. he’s progressing you’re beloved musical genre and opening it up to a much broader audience. Where are your guys The so called bastions of hard hitting electronic music? Yeah, thats right, rotting away in rat infested, piss wretched basements of the Uk underground scene. Eeking out a pathetic living, Supported by unsophisticated, tone-deaf, hardcores like yourselves. You guys will likely grow up soon, maybe get a job and realise that hardwork and perseverence should be celebrated.

    Good music like Guetta’s speaks for itself – it transends boundaries and turns indiference into allegiance. Enough said.

  2. There is one artist within each genre that opens doors for the underground artists. Glenn Miller was the same for swing, he wasn’t the greatest at swing, he wasn’t the king of swing, but he should get some credit for promoting the genre and opening doors for better artists.
    David is doing the the same, and should be thanked for that atleast.

  3. didnt waste my time watching a single second of this, just wanted to say that David Guetta is an inconcievebly massive gimp! If this man is a respected music composer then the President of the U.S.A is black!…(oh wait..bad analogy)..then Snoop Dogg isn’t a washed up has been!


  5. Can this son of a bitch stop associating his music with house? Wtf does he know about house FFS…crap of a DJ if I can even call him one…

  6. There is a lot of “soul” in electronic music. Unfortunately, the masses probably never heard it. Because the REAL electronic music is underground; in small venues, dark, with the right crowd who went there because they love the DJ they went there to see, spin maybe some of his own tracks, or mixing and showing you some other tracks in the same vein. Guetta’s music as with so many others now jumping on this big arena, flashy lights, and more collaboration from famous pop “artists”, has made this genre of music commercial and for the masses. It is NOT Electronic music. It a bastardization of pop. It’s formulaic bullshit. The other artist that jumped on this money bandwagon include Deadmau5, Avicii, Swedish House Mafia, Steve Aoki etch etc… You guys wanna hear good, real electronic music check out Maceo Plex, Amirali, Finnebassen… THAT’S Electronic music. Not this shit people with money want to shove down our throats on the radio and dupe people into thinking: “you’re listening to techno now, you must be cool” bullshit.

    •  Very well said, the scene today is disgustingly ruled by muck “artists” and there money hungry labels …I hope the industry is overthrown so that decent talent has a chance to blossom …. not this side-chained pop bollix …. if i had the chance to spit in there faces i would take great pride in it  

  7. I tried to watch watch this, couldn’t stomach it.

    What a clown, surrounded by self serving money grabbing idiots that do nothing but bolster this c*nts painfully misplaced ego and self belief…

    his remarkably simplistic opinions about the ‘history of house music’…

    ‘i was working in a gay club’

    Cliche at best

    oh just f*fuck off…. please


  8. Just clicked on this to give it one star and signed off, screw guetta the sell out…armin van buuren for djmag poll

  9. If I was given a David Guetta record I would keep it somewhere safe on the off chance I ever ran out of toilet paper.
    I would however take issue with Randall’s comments. The leaps in technology over the last 50 years but especially in the last ten to fifteen years have allowed people who could not master instruments to make music albeit in a different way to previous composers.
    I’ve spoken to many musicians over the last twenty years (the duration of my djing career) and have found then to be, in the majority, threatened and fearful of change. Thankfully that has changed. Many artists have embraced electronic music and merged it with their own sound successfully, for example Pink Floyd, Radiohead and Depeche Mode are a few that spring instantly to mind. Others have successfully been pretty much slaves to the electronic sound but can still use non electronic methods of sound production – Orbital, LTJ Bukem, The Orb and many, many more.
    May I suggest Randall that you spend some time researching electronic music or speak to people who can guide you towards sub genres of the electronic sound you have probably never heard which could open up a whole new world to you. Do please remember one thing though …… the fact you may “wonder at the type of person who would call this a form of art” may in fact display a level of ignorance and lack of knowledge that exists in you rather than a shortcoming in them.

  10. Self promotional video?

    This ain’t music. No soul. No life. No emotion. Artificial over processed BS.

    Sorry this “music” is crap

  11. This scumbag is a disgrace to music, why dose it say producer/DJ? he has never produced any music in his life, all he is, is an icon for children that have never heard the likes of real artists, the only reason this joke is famous is because he has a multi million dollar PR and marketing force behind him,

    Labels pay musicians to producer this awful electro/pop shite that would have John Lennon and more appropriately the likes of kraftwork spinning in there graves,

    back in the day you needed talent to make it big, today you need a ringtone and an ugly mug like Guetta, add a million for advertising on MTV and pay Simon Cowel to feature on xfactor and you will get susceptible kids buying the album in the millions all because its what tv and advertising says is cool,

    I normally wouldn’t care about this horrific injustice to music, but it has gotten to the point where you cant even listen to your favorite songs on youtube without having some talentless fuck blasted in your face like nikki minaj or rihanna, with the slogan “buy now”

    its just like school mentality, its never about talent, its about who you know and popularity…..Shame on people who target our kids with this marketing of pure shit, the only reason these companies and labels wont introduce the likes of the Beatles is because they wont get a huge slice of the money and thats what its all about … Money.

    Music industry Scum, but the people who support the likes of xfactor and these sham “artists” are also to blame, stop feeding them money…..explore music and stop listening to what tv and radio tells you is cool

  12. Fuck off David Guetta.

    You ruined Dance Music.

  13. I find it very difficult to relate to this new piano and harpsichord technologies and their artificial, mechanical rhythms and call it music.

    Just teasing, Mozart and McCartney put notes side by side, Guetta puts songs and beats side by side and comes up with something new; but like you say, different strokes.

    I can’t stand that dubstep wobble, but I love it when electro beats start tumbling like galloping horses…

  14. I find it very difficult to relate to these new electronic beats and sounds with their artificial, mechanical rhythms and call it music. I always thought that music was an art and great musical artists like Mozart, Beethovan,Paul McCartney, Willy Nelson and Bob Dylan were artists. Of course art appreciation differs from one person to another and I wonder at the type of person who would call this a form of art, let alone even call it music…different strokes for different folks, I guess.