David Icke: Conspiracy of the Lizard Illuminati

Conspiracy theorist David Icke takes us to a local satanic execution site and discusses the plot of the secret lizard illuminati.

We traveled to the Isle of Wight to meet the most iconic conspiracy theorist on Earth, David Icke. A former professional goalkeeper and television presenter, David Icke found international fame back in the 90s when he began uncovering a secret lizard illuminati plot. Icke discovered that a race of shape-shifting lizards has been masquerading as presidents and monarchs for centuries while planning to crush the planet.

In Part 2, Icke takes VICE host Kevin Morpurgo to the site of a local Satanic execution and explains what the global cabal of pedophile aliens has to do with Stanley Kubrick and Bill Clinton.

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  1. I’m just wandering, after last couple of years and all of the revelations about what leaders have done to people and after all of the things that happened which Icke actually spoke about for the last three decades…..Do you still consider him to be looney, even though 99% of the things he was claiming had actually happened?? Did you woke up now?

  2. So sorry Angus . We all apologize for having an opinion . I guess we should take our medicine and believe any bullshit Nutter Icke hands out

  3. He is indeed and interesting how his lizard men are zionists too thank goodness they are not muslims or we would really be in trouble

  4. yes he becomes more gollum like with every passing year

  5. Did it ever occur to anyone on here who has called him a LOON that we actually have a REPTILIAN part of our brain that is the primitive portion of our brain? Does that sound looney? Jeepers people – open your mind a little bit.

  6. Yess, the Illuminati is not a sserioussss proposition. I laugh at thossse that believe it and sso should yousss.

  7. Obviously, the Illuminati ate not real. This much we humans know.

  8. Nutter. The end.

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  11. The novel The Hollow Places might be of interest to people who have commented here:

  12. If Icke has evidence of human sacrifice/murder why doesn’t he publish this and get the police/media involved?

    • It’s already happened, except that credible witnesses were defamed, incarcerated, or dismissed as delusional attention seekers blocking any high level investigations. The government hired pedophile sympathizers to form the False Memory Syndrome foundation to discredit people. They had the state-run monopoly media label the whole thing a “satanic-panic”. Google Michael Aquino and the Franklin cover-up for a primer on this.

  13. Look at all the stuff that’s in the Bible, which millions around the world accept as fact. Speaking in modern terms, the Bible is about extraterrestrials (think about it) virgin birth, magic tricks, reincarnation, the afterlife, and so on. Yet David Icke’s stuff is loony?

    • Genesis 6:2 “the sons of god saw that the daughters of humans were beautiful, and married any of them they chose.”

    • The bible being lunacy does not make David Ickes ideas non lunacy. It just means they are both lunacy.

      • 1 Corinthians 1:18

        “For the word of the cross is foolishness to those that are perishing, but to those who are saved, it is the power of God”

        1 Corinthians 1:27

        ” But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise…”

        Lunacy indeed!

  14. David Icke scares a lot of people. Hence the kind of hostility we see on this page. I just find him interesting and extremely thought provoking. Hence my lack of hostility towards him.

    • David Icke doesn’t scare me. He’s either certifiably insane and delusional best case, or he’s an extremely talented con artist who has bilked his followers out of tens of millions of dollars so far. I vote the latter.
      What is truly frightening is that there are apparently several million people in the world who have so completely lost the ability to think rationally that they perceive Icke’s easily falsifiable nonsense as credible.
      Now that does scare me.

  15. Enough one-liners ere for years of socializing with NORMAL people… Nuff said

  16. How many people believe in God? How did they convince people to believe
    in THAT concept, they are crazier than David Icke will ever be.

    • It’s not crazy to believe in God. It’s the religion side of things that is nuts! God and religion are far from the same thing. Religion is a cult, just like satanism or democracy. God is just god. It also doesn’t care if you use a lower case g to reference it.

  17. Icke is a loon, when he wrote that he had to be held down for ten minutes because he sat near an ex president and couldn’t escape his dark energy then that’s not a bad definition of a loon, but and it’s a large but..

    The vast majority of scientists agree that aliens must exist.

    By odds alone it’s extremely unlikely we are at the forefront of intelligence.

    Every evidence we have of life from bacteria to whales is that they all explore.

    In other words it’s entirely logical that aliens more intelligent than us watch our progress as their history, it’s very unlikely they would interfere with the masses but not impossible they have contacted our elite on condition of secrecy.

    I’ll add that while I don’t even believe that I can’t call it a looney theory despite it’s first appearance. The ancients did attribute reptilian themes to their Gods and right across the world from snakes to dragons, they also appear to have been taught by someone. In Sumeria they talk of the Gods coming to earth, creating man and teaching them. We can see it’s the place were the first language, mathematics, agriculture, time, money, printing and much more appeared as if from nowhere.

    If we look at many of our inventions they come from a plethora of connections and people before them, see James Burke’s ‘Connections’ series which I think is available elsewhere here for the details. Advancements take time yet suddenly they seemed to just appear.

    If anything there is more evidence that something happened in our history than nothing at all. It’s just that people like Icke are mad enough to say for certain something which can’t yet be discounted.

  18. Awful video devoid of any attempt at logical thought or presentation of fact. I tend to believe that this guy exists only to discredit an entire line of thought as a walking BS bomb. Keep looking, but look right past this mess.

    • But, Ickey iss the pinnacle of the Illuminati! He repressentsss everything it sstandsss for. This much we humansss know.

    • I agree. Icke is the enemy of truth and anyone who speaks of the ‘elite’ or systems of control is immediately tarred with the same brush. Icke is part of the problem and not the solution.

      Entertaining to watch though.

  19. i like to use the lizard/reptilian theory as a tool to point out absurdness or outrageous things in other conspiracy theories. instead of making fun of the people in the documentaries or people who believe other theories and conspiracies, just pose a question or make random connection with their separate theory and the reptilian theory. no matter what reaction you get its interesting, because if they ignore you its the same as if they ignore you for going out of your way to make fun of them for no reason. but if they engage you, they either will justify their absurd theory and put down the reptilian one, or they may actually be open minded to whatever random connection you make, and their reply may be even more out there than either of the conspiracies when talked about separately. dont come across as making fun anyone though, reactions if any are usually kind of funny enough and interesting to see what kinda out there stuff you may get back.

  20. Nurse!! One of the patients has escaped!!!

  21. Ima lizard man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………….. I think
    Oh, its just the Queen of England and other “important ppl” who r lizards, my bad

  22. I totally see why people gets scared off when he starts talking about reptilians, Neither am I convinced about this subject just from watching this walk on the surface of his life works. But after all he tells the truth about the situation, and if you don’t see that, well then I feel a bit sorry for your ignorance. Please wake up soon!

    Interesting documentary! I respect David Icke for his bravery and the work he does for the people.

    • Yes you are are right. Fuck em if they just want to call him names they can do that one you tube. Yet they watch and call every one who thinks he has some logic, I don’t know about reptiles, but I don’t know about anything, nutcases and brainwashed. I assume it is to make themselves feel smarter or some ego thing. Who cares anymore. Have a good one.

  23. Also… is it me or does David Icke look more and more like Gollum of the lord of the rings every year?

  24. It is widely known in the medical world that brilliance and psychosis often go hand in hand. Any of us who have experienced other levels of consciousness via psycho-active drugs can relate to this phenomenon, I believe Icke to truly be enlightened, I also believe him to be bat-shit bonkers. Neither one of these dynamics stop him from being any less effective as a 21st century sooth- sayer.

  25. wow, a lot of hater comments……..ur mind is a parachute, it doesn’t work if it isn’t open

  26. He is an excellent con man for sure.

  27. to Angus,

    come on , reptilians? it looks to me more like ancient superstitious bullshit ,that appeared to be wrong.. u r so primitive to believe it..

  28. AhHa! It all makes perfect sense! The shapeshifting lizard people use psychological mind-control techniques such as conservative bigotry and the facade of blatant stupidity as a clever rouse to get unsuspecting fools to trust them. Do not underestimate the reptilian cunning, they will tell you all about the lizard conspiracy to further convince you that they are human. The only way to posatively identify a shapeshifting lizard is to stun them by delivering a swift kick to it’s true lizard head, hidden squarely between the legs (generally in the crotch region) And remember, as with homophobia and flatulence… he who articulated it, particulated it!

  29. If there are illuminati who are so powerful why the fook havent they bumped him off yet?

  30. People who bitch about Icke are really among the dumbest on the planet. If you cant see that all he is is a walking Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy really need to unclench their anal tracts and allow themselves the luxury of dumping all that harmful self importance

  31. the guys a retard!!

  32. Its a documentary on the theory of reptilian illuminati. Stop mocking the subject. You comment not on the documentary, but on the koncept. You people make me sad; This is a documentary-area, why judge HERE like a little cunty MacBully-bitchbitch?
    The documentary was OK, pretty good. 7/10
    I respect this docu. and his ideas although I wasnt convinced. Like he said in the beginning “Even tho most of it was bullshit it was still fun to read about” So its ok if you dont agree, just
    Dont be judging and mocking people. Grow the FUCK up and handle the existence of very alternative ideas. If you dont support Vice or these ideas just ignore them simple as that. And if someone says “Do you believe this?” You have the freedom to say !Heck no”. You people are very supressive and rude. He is nor promoting hate or religion, just the theory of the world being run by lizardish people. NO NEED TO PISS YOUR PANTS OVER IT, its just democracy and freedom to express ideas.
    P.S. go fuck yourself

    • i turned into a lizard once…you don’t wanna get too cold….

    • It is very embarrassing for humanity ,that people who think like u exist…

    • How do ignore the content of the doc when its about two guys (cause the reporter/host is just as crazy as Icke) who believes there’s a reptilian illuminati having sex rituals on a rock in butt fuck England? You cant academic up this stupid shit. I say watch it, laugh your ass off at Icke and the other guy, then loose all faith in humanity when you think about the millions of people who think Icke’s is speaking the truth.

  33. Eff off to whoever believes this crap. Give that man some effing medication, please. As for his followers/believers…we’re gonna need some plastic bags and duct-tape for those fools cause there is no cure or excuse for them.

    I’m sick of all these documentaries that are so far from any basis in fact. A little video filtering would be nice. This site is starting to feel like an american public school.

  34. for me its not that this paranoid schiz believes this stuff, its that there is a massive amount of people he was able to convince!

    i recon all the worlds problems are self inflicted

    dont blame imaginary lizards : P

    go trade hours of your life for an ipod!
    or give up your freedom for security of an existence in debt!
    see those idiots on tv? thats how you should want to be!
    smart people are stupid! what do scientists know anyway : P

  35. It’s an allright portrait of a slighty paranoid schizophrenic man. He pretty much said it himself when he said a voice talked to him in front of the store. If any of what he said was true, the man wouldn’t be alive, come on these lizards do human sacrifices, no way they would let him reveal that to millions of people…

  36. “I guess THAT makes David Icke, the Isle of White’s very own Neo.” LMAO!! Seriously!

  37. Oh boy.. !NURSE

  38. Please stop giving this clown a platform. Sadly typical Vice trash these days. [email protected]

  39. what moron uploaded this?