David Icke’s ‘ad lib’ Documentary at Occupy Wall Street

British author and researcher David Icke presents his experiences and thoughts from on the ground at the Occupy Wall Street protest.

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  1. The Icke nutters and Thive fanatics are about as loony as one can get. This “documentary” is a waste of time.

  2. out the aliens are taking over Icke, and the reptiles are shape shifting just as you say all people wht money or elites are reptiles that shape shift to human beings. I’m suprised you didnt see a reptile on the stock exachange. By the way every citizen has the right to invest in to free markets or not, with out having any kind of bed or good outcome the rest that do, do it on there own behalf and take that risk themselves. Watch out next time the reptiles will beinvesting from the Draco constellation…What absent minded morons are people like Icke are. They profit on ordinary people by conviening citizens of this crap and bullshit and sell books website subscriptions along with dvd’s and whatevre else, but people who work there ass off or inherit funds and become wealthy are all evil and a reptiles. Dont forget to to say its a Jewish conspiracy thats usually were all this is going anyway jerkoff!

  3. I like Icke.  He speaks a lot of plain truths.  The other stuff, I think, is just an allegory, a myth, a symbol for a real way of thinking-the mindset of the elite. Maybe I’m a nutter too, but the lizards don’t bother me. I don’t believe in them but I wouldn’t be floored if it all turned out to be true. It might actually make me feel better knowing that it wasn’t humans doing these things to other humans and the earth. 🙂

  4. David Icke will go down in history as one of the biggest dicks the world has ever known.

  5. Wish I could watch this with an open mind, but I just can’t get past the fact that this is the guy who believes the world is ruled by lizard aliens. He could have the most valid points in the world, but he’ll always be the dude who thinks I’m being mind controlled by Martian iguanas.

  6. David Icke is a lunatic.

  7. Whilst enforcing democracy on hitherto happy people in profitable, IMF-independent countries such as Libya, the ‘jewsual suspects’ are imposing that form of democracy here as they dismantle each and every tenet of Common Law ‘for the people by the people and of the people’ principles which had underpinned any great progress of humankind. International, IMF created debt is a travesty. Speculators buy up debt at rock bottom rates then charge those poor indebted countries exhorbitant interest in fines. One quote was that some ‘suspect’ bought up the debt of Zaire (?) for $3M then fined them $100M. Now, if that’s not stealing grains of rice from a starving child and selling its organs into the bargain, I don’t know what is.

    Desfuckingpicable. And yet, this ‘occupy’ movement is suspected to be financed by Soros. It has no clear agenda where a clear agenda is obviously available. This makes me suspicious as hell. They are acting as if those Ghandi sit ins really worked. They were ‘permitted’ to work in order to further partition. I don’t get any intelligent feel for this lot. It’s not going to make a jot of difference. Unarmed people, disorganised and disunited people will be brutalised.

    As with the global lamestream jewnews reports about brutality of security groups has reached pandemic proportions wherever ‘democracy’ has been enforced and here we are with those same mind set thuggery of these security forces are not under oath!

    That’s funny; Pharma leaping in there, syringes at the ready! And to prove a point, many of the ‘protesters’ were happy to have the shots!!! OMFG. Case closed on the Occupy Movement. People protesting is ‘real time’ field preparation in transferring all the crap dumped in all the occupied countries on their heads. Bloody tea party clowns.

    Our problem is not just with the military/banking elites but what we have become as a result of their manipulation; dumbed downed, devolved, disabled, brain damaged, emotionally and psychologically retarded sociopaths seeking self validation and gruesome gratification.


    • After the second world war ,the world accepted israel as the official country of the zionists, after that called israelians, they got all zionists to migrate to israel so they would be able to call that their own country, and call themselves israelians. After the second world war it was not bad that the whole world felt guilty for what happened with the zionists during the second world war and wanted to give them a place they could defend and call home, but what was bad was that the aerea was owned by Palestinians and since than they have disowned them ,broke down their houses,and imprisoned them.
      You could say that although they didn’t gas them like Hitler had done them they pretty much treated the palestinians with the same hatred that Hitler had towards them. Now yes there are actually Israelians who demonstrate with the palestinians. And yes the Palestinians are totally right, and yes it is ludricus that the western world supports Israel. I mean the Israelian government, and the foolishness of the majority of the Israelians who voted this government in.
      But to blame Israel for the economics in the world, for conspiracy,etc etc ,the jews , the zionists is having a bit of a cloud in front of your eyes, strangely enough on all these you tube tapes where somebody rages on about how wrong they do us , conspiracy, with a heavy metal music background ,i see signes of zionists (are opressors of palestines nothing to do with the crisis), i see freemansion signes, (what do they for god sake have to do with the crisis , they are just a weird religious group with some secret ceremonies), i do not see the CIA there anywhere, the only group of which we know sure they get themselves in politics and kill people. Now that is strange the group of people who are talking about conspiracy’s forget to mention the only group (or maybe also bildenburg) namely the CIA of which we know they have secrets, they kill, and they are not ecactly to be called for democracy, instead they mention groups that have nothing to do with the subject of their speech. So that does sound like a conspiracy, or at least misleading, what when we bundle all our rage and kill off all the free mansionists all the jews, than all we have done is the same what Hitler did, what the Israelians are doing to palestinian, I couls say we have become all little Hitlers ,and then we would celebrate on the street with little flags, the CiA will walk with us , protecting us secretly so we won’t get any real foolisch idea’s not. Well in my eyes that sounds like a conspiracy, lead the people to put a lot of bullshit on the internet, they will follow as sheep, this way we can protect ourselves, just saw a documentary about the teaparty, all these people, who don’t know they are being used by big cooperations, in the documentary they talk about gerilla tactics, putting at low ratings or high ratings at books they have not even read, a leader who tells you to do that to manipulate the world in a dishonest way, you expect that this guy is not manipulating you? The big problem is coming from there where the big money is, big corperations, wall street, who think only one thing, using all the power to make a profit, and to rule. I did not understand everything you have written, i am not English, But for me The demonstrations in wall street are our biggest hope ,i live in Greece so i get my fair share of politics, and one thing i can say, you pay dearly for not being involved in politics. I hope Amerika would make an answer to televisionstation FOX, create another televisionstation who really shows what is going on, if somebody starts that help them,but don’t start with the conspiracy mumbo jumbo, let yourself get informed.

    • Fuck you, you retarded bigot.  No offense intended to actual retards — offense intended to those who choose to act retarded. 

      Ignore history.  Play their game and lose, bitch.  Only retarded bigots will be on your side, loser, and they’ll turn on you, too.

      Have you, yourself, ever uncovered any Jewish plot?  Or did your bigoted “friends” spoon feed you into believing this retarded shit?

      I certainly hope you weren’t expecting a whole bunch of people to jump on your retard bigot wagon, although I suspect there will be a few.

      Here’s what you should do, dumbass:  Go to your local OWS action group and inform them that they’re dumbed downed, devolved, disabled, brain damaged, emotionally and psychologically retarded sociopaths.  I promise you they’ll be a LOT friendlier in person than I am online.  Even the Jewish ones.

      Please remember, not all bigots are beyond redemption.  You may actually learn something, if you ever become brave enough to poke your head out from under your mommy’s apron, or your “daddy’s” white robe. 

      “Tea party clowns”?!?  How can anyone be so out of touch?  Oh, wait.  The jews made you that way through their Satanic manipulation of “their” media.

      I’d sooner become a jew than become one of you.

      P.S.  I called you a “bitch”; I assume you are a male, because I think that only a male can be that much of an asshole.  If you, Aida, actually are a female, please change “bitch” to “stupid dick”.  Thank you.

      Peace on you all!

      • You have shown yourself up in your true colours with every arse-umption you have made. No further comment except learn to spell and put your name to your vitriolic tirade; bumfluff.

        • Your words are mostly true, but then you kind of veer off onto the Jewish thing. And I have seen all this ‘conspiracy’ stuff, and frankly, I’m willing to believe almost anything is possible now. But… I have never anything that tells me that the Elite/Illuminati/ NWO people etc, are all Jewish. Some of them are not Jewish. Some are Jewish by birth but live an athiest life, some are Zionists, some are Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and Scientologist. 
          On top of that to suggest that all Jewish people are somehow in on this plot is absurd, and that’s the problem when you start talking about ‘the Jews’. I have very nice Jewish friends. They are just people, can we not get over it? 
          Of course, Jewish extremists, are as unbearable as any other religious zealot, of any religious persuasion and it seems to me that within the US and Israel, and to a point in Europe, religious extremists are pretty much calling the shots. Those who want it most, will get it in the end because they shout the loudest and go to the longest lengths.
          So, come now, it’s not about Jewishness at all, it’s about extremists wanting to bring about the apocalypse. Tarring one set of people with one brush isn’t very smart, and you seem like a smart guy….

  8. This was better than I thought it was going to be, really shows what the movement is all about… and what it isn’t about.

  9. This helps answer the folks who say, “OWS needs to be more organized”, and “OWS needs to spell out an agenda.”  If you do, they’ll either erase you or co-opt you.

    It also explains why news outlets, including Jon Stewart, only show crazy people.

    Plus,we get to see an agent provocateur caught on film!  Woo hoo, nailed the undercover scum!

    Thank you, DH, for this post!