Deadliest Place To Deal

BBC reporter Livvy Haydock heads to the Philippines in South East Asia to investigate the worlds bloodiest war on drugs, it is here that the controversial President Rodrigo Duterte, swept into power last June on a promise to clean up the country by any means necessary, this included ‘slaughtering’ drug dealers and users alike.

Since the beginning of his presidency Duterte has been responsible for allowing 0ver 7,000 people to have been killed in cold blood and in this hard-hitting film Haydock manages to meet up with some of the relatives of these people. She also gets put in touch with some of the drug dealers who are now living in fear of their lives and human rights investigators who are currently uncovering evidence that the police are responsible for rounding up unarmed suspects and planting evidence on them.

Along with suspected police involvement Duterte is openly urging his citizens to “go ahead and kill” anyone involved in the drug trade. Over 4,000 of these killings have been carried out by masked vigilantes and in this film one vigilante opens up to receiving hit lists of targets to be killed from the police themselves.

With Duterte having an approval rating of 80% this documentary asks how likely is it for the violence to end any time soon.

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