Deadly Women: Obsession

Female murderers are often times more horrifying and intriguing than their male counterparts. Their worlds are often defined by obsession, greed, and revenge.

Deadly Women fuses bone-chilling story-telling, sumptuous period drama and forensic fact in a bid to explore history’s most alluring female killers. Each episode profiles four famous cases from the past; killers and their victims are brought to life by elaborate dramatized reconstructions. The program will span four centuries and seven countries to explore the makings of these deadly women.

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  1. Another dead link that the site operator has failed to remove, what a suprise.

  2. Female murderers more horrifying my arse, Fail in comparison to some of the worst cases in history which are not potential myths and still being commited in this day, Nearly all of which are commited by single white males usually in 30-50’s age group
    Still think Ed Gein is one of the best, I mean seriously come on how can you beat a belt made of human female nipples! lol
    Or Jeffrey Dahmer, hmmm what to do with the corpses, Ohhh I know let’s cook them up and have them for dinner o.O
    I think if you do a quick google search of top ten you will see who is worse!
    Number 1 is probably someone you have never even heard of with a body count over 300+ Pedro Lopez

  3. Watch “Bathory (2008 film)” by Juraj Jakubisko

  4. Well then…. that was a complete waste of time…

  5. This documentary is crazy, they have a whole series about Women in this. This goes to show you and proves that the Woman is the Devil in disguise. The only way for the devil to be able to walk among living creatures is to take the form of the Woman!

  6. No. 2 – another Hungarian (jewess?) with distinct personality disorder/psychopathy, paranoa, narcissm. murdered first 2 husbands and son. again aristocratic stock; insanity genetically inherited plus arising from intergenerational abuse, no doubt. children are traumatised through intense bonding and breaking on a continual basis so it is ‘natural’ for this creature (dehumanised) to fear love and permanent loss of love through death as the inevitable outcome. the business of bathing in blood was revealed by former staff on duty during one of ‘lady gaga’s’ london tours who were left to clear it and shut up. They Live. They dominate world military, religion, economy, science, medicine, law and entertainment because they created these delusions for personal global gain, and the people have been beated, drugged, tortured murdered and duped for thousands of years into compliance and worship.

    These are the serial killers today, those running these shows and those directing the action behind the scenes. They Live off our blood.

  7. ‘those stories tell us who we are as people, and what our dark side is’.

    No, mate. They tell us who YOU are as people and what YOUR dark side is’ – we are alert to your language and meanings. BTW the cause of post partum depression and a major reason why women fail to bond deeply is the placenta being removed and disposed of (?) robbing the mother of essential nutrients and hormones for recovery and breastfeeding. By eating the placenta, women ‘fall in love’ with their babies, recover is swift and babies are loved and protected as nature intended.

    The serial killing psychopathic elites created science as the ultimate cut in the umbilical chord we have with nature and that’s why the growing insanity among the masses is easily induced over time. Separate at birth and you can manipulate mother, father and child at will. And the final word on Countess Bathory and Vlad the Impaler is the practise of bloodletting at Purim and the charge of Blood Libel (as they call it) which was the primary cause of their banishment throughout Europe at various times. The child is kidnapped and torturously pricked and flayed to release blood for collection whilst still living. The Edict of Expulsion issued in 1290 by King John, England, has not been revoked, just ignored as their bloodlines now sit on the throne and in every office.

    Think every nation under Israeli attack at present and the colossol bloody loss of life.

  8. hahaha! ‘perhaps it was because she was ‘iron deficient’???? hahahah..

  9. first one: a countess – Bathory: not from common blood stock, not of ‘we’ and relative of the Bathory King of Poland, Cardinals and all manner of family Royalty. Like Vlad the Impaler is relative of Prince Charles (he says this ‘inspires’ him). She was certainly fluent in the black arts (still practised) and it is, a family/tribal tradition to carry on this way to this day. They are genetically ‘wired’ through generations of imprinting to adapt from childhood to the traumas and rigours in learning family traditions and the right to rule by deception.

    It’s possible that her descendants aren’t wired this way but unlikely, given the strict mating for breeding protocols, ensuring succession of power. If a member of the family should perchance not engage, they will be unlikely to reap the benefits that position and connection would otherwise afford. You work for The Firm.

    So one lady killer down, she belongs to the ruling elite, is a psychopath by breeding and a torturing blood thirsty killer as they all are of her extended lines. Candice says she’s never encountered such a scale of murders well, where the hell was she as these same bloodlines massacred hundreds of millions through their revolutionary bloodbaths called war? Dear Candice, is just a wide-eyed programmed doll. Elizabeth didn’t ‘discover’ that blood was an elixir for youth accidentally. No. from birth, she would have been ritually traumatised with blood, the life blood and life force from dying children and adults, animals etc.

  10. you just have to look at the bloodlines and military/religious connections, the political landscape of the time then connect the dots. there are many tragic murders from mothers on psychotropic meds, ‘dreaming’ reality and what flips them may well be to do with alterations in dosage, extreme pressure from authorities or spouse etc. others are pure psychopaths or other brain injuries. they may be part of a pedo ring of ritual abuse and can’t escape any other way (if they kill themselves or are killed to cover the nature of the crimes).

    then there are the hired assassins, the marta haris’ of intelops. increasingly, as women experience warfare in the military first hand, we are likely to see an increase in the types of awol homocides and seriel killing, formerly the exclusive domain of men or men and their accomplices.

    it would be very interesting to see a docu covering homicide which is focussed on those racial, religious, military and other associations commonly appearing in these cases. a wholistic, forensic approach but I guess that’s past 6th grade.

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  12. “In the 1930’s in Bucharest, Hungary” – are you kidding me? Bucharest has been the capital of Romania(not Hungary) since 1862.

  13. And yet since I am from Slovakia and do have a general interest in our history, I would say that it is now impossible to tell if Bathory really was a murderer or if it was a conspiracy of rival lord Thurzo, who could have set it up.

  14. Crap sensationalism. I wish this kind of stuff did not fit under the umbrella of “documentary”.