On Death Row

In 2012 Oscar winning documentary film maker Werner Herzog released a new four part series entitled On Death Row, he dedicates each episode to a different individual currently on Death Row in the United States, focusing on a specific murder case each time. The four cases profiled are as follows:

  • Douglas Feldman
  • Joseph Garcia and George Rivas, members of the Texas Seven. Pokies is the simplest casino game to play online. This is why online pokies has become such a popular entertainment. You may now choose from thousands of pokie machines to play for real money at Australian online casinos. Fruit machines and slots are other names for the best online pokies Australia source . When you play online, you also have the option of collecting an online pokies free spins bonus. (Not In Playlist)
  • Hank Skinner, convicted of murdering a woman and her two sons.
  • Linda Carty, convicted of murdering a woman and stealing her four-day-old child

Each episode consists of Herzog, personally interviewing each inmate but never himself actually appearing on screen accompanied with interviews from prosecutors, defence lawyers, family members and other people related to each case. The series was released to bring awareness to the Death penalty and educate the viewer on the process involved.

We will continue to look for a full embeddable version of the Joseph Garcia and George Rivas episode and update once found.


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  2. Well you aint gonna win any more awards by narrating your films yourself.