Deceptions 2: Lest We Forget

Deceptions 2: Lest We Forget is the second film in the Deceptions Trilogy. We featured the first film “Deceptions” on our site a while back and it received quite a positive feedback. Lest We Forget by Chris Pratt is another hard hitting addition to the series that presents us with some uncomfortable truths about the society we live in.


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  1. According to the data from the U.S. Department of Defense, the United States suffered 33,686 battle deaths, along with 2,830 non-battle deaths, during the Korean War. U.S. battle deaths were 8,516 up to their first engagement with the Chinese on 1 November 1950. South Korea reported some 373,599 civilian and 137,899 military deaths.

  2. The Gulf of Tonkin

    It was the American excuse to enter the Vietnam War. A small naval battle took place between US forces and North Vietnamese torpedo boats, after which Congress gave President Lyndon B. Johnson the authority to order military action in support of certain Southeast Asian countries who were threatened by Communist forces. Basically, a thinly-veiled authorization for Johnson to go to war with North Vietnam.

    The conspiracy part comes from the claim that the naval battle never actually took place, or that it was a fake “false flag” attack by American conspirators trying to give Congress the excuse they wanted. There’s probably a grain of truth to this. There was indeed one real engagement on August 2, 1964, in which planes and ships were damaged on both sides and the North Vietnamese suffered a number of casualties. There’s no doubt there. But it was the second attack two days later on August 4 that was fishy. American forces fired heavily on radar targets only, and nobody ever reported any visual sightings of North Vietnamese forces.

    Throughout the day on August 4, as the action was unfolding, Captain Herrick of the destroyer USS Maddox cabled Washington a number of times, and reported in no uncertain terms that he believed there were no enemy forces. This information was public from the beginning. Even as Johnson was drafting his resolution, Senator Wayne Morse was holding public press conferences to reveal that the second attack was without evidence.

    Provoking attacks may seem pretty unethical to most of us, but the fact is it’s been a common military tactic since the Romans and the Carthaginians. At no point were the details of the Gulf of Tonkin incident unknown, so it never existed as a conspiracy theory.

  3. I may agree with a lot of things mentioned in this documentary, but for you to say the war in Iraq or Afghanistan and the atrocities are comparable to Nazi Germany and the Holocaust?? 6 Million killed and 11 million displaced by the Nazis. You are just as bad as the people you are calling out in this film. Unfuckingreal.

  4. And , your gonna stay dead, you won’t be getting another chance to pull the same evil bullshit in eternity. God’s Command is Life Eternal, I obeyed, you didn’t .

  5. These rat bastards sent me to a Federal Prison ( Portsmith) N.H.) for insubordination in 1968. A Christian boy who was taught right from wrong/ Being naturally. pro-life. I went back to jail for anti-abortion blockades. I was issued a Bad Conduct Discharge. Murdering millions in war and 50 million of our own innocent children, must be good conduct, if your a rat bastard murdering lying psychopath. The guys who got the honorable discharges, are all in the swat teams that take out 100 American homes a day . I am the authentic patriot, with no blood on my hands. and I have genuine honor. I would d o it all over again., I have no regrets or pangs of conscience. There is a Just God who presides over the destiny’s of nations, and He’s gonna kick your sorry asses like he 86’ed Sodom and Gomorrah.. The Holy God is a terrorist,, what are you gonna do about it? Nothing but die as He deems fit.

  6. As horrible as it is, that’s what is done to maintain power.

  7. don’t worry hell is soon to be payment. all of them didn’t get away with a single bullet, now they come for us…