Deep Web

The Deep Web is vast, thousands of times larger than the “Surface Web” i.e. the searchable web that we all know and love. The Deep Web itself is not a place it just simply accounts for all of the unindexed content stored online, this includes banking data, administrative code for governments, corporations and universities. Over time people began using the Deep Web via special browsers, one such browser is known as Tor.

This feature documentary by Alex Winter explores the Deep Web, primarily focusing on the trail of Ross Ulbricht, the apparent creator and administrator of Silk Road, a black market located on this murky side of the net. Ulbricht’s trial began on January 13th 2015, and in this documentary Winter follows it from start to finish.

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  1. Poor guy. It does make sense though. I would rather see transactions go down online, rather than a small child getting shot on the street for a crack rock


  3. The government does not serve the people anymore, if it ever did. The documents we treasure from our founding fathers are treated like so much toilet paper.

    I don’t think I will live to see the revolution, but I believe it will happen.

  4. The corruption and incongruity of the American government still surprises me after all this time.