The Defectors

In this Sky News special reporter Mark Stone meets up with several North Korean defectors in order to give them a chance to be heard and tell their story of how life once was for them living in the North. The testimony you will hear in this film is shocking, heartbreaking and continues to happen right now, stories of murder, slavery, torture, imprisonment and rape all of which is unparalleled in the modern world and recalled by those that survived it.

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  1. What a crap comment Fiala, that makes no sense based on what I watched. Grow up. My heart goes out to these defectors and to all still under that yoke. So brutal and sad.

  2. I stopped watching after four minutes. What is this, the Two Stooges go to North Korea? If these two frat boys can’t take their upcoming trip seriously, why would I be interested in taking their film seriously?

  3. A harrowing depiction of what is the reality of the Korean peninsula…I live in South Korea (I’m Irish), and this certainly is the brutality of what is happening in our times. Either side of the DMZ, live families divided since the war, the lucky ones reunited for one last embrace. But the worst part of this whole tragic situation, is that the Korean peninsula was divided bilaterally by the Americans and the Russians along the 38th parallel. Few people in the west seem to realize this. This country is just another piece in the jigsaw….get out your maps and start looking (where American bases are located)

    • Would you prefer the Americans leave ? I hope they do…it would be most fitting to have you recite Dear Leader while eating garbage off the street,,,It sure is easy for those who don’t risk their lives yet enjoy the freedoms from those who do.. your nothing but ungrateful scum