The Definitive Guide To The Mob

A look into what life is really like for a member of the American mafia, exploring all routes needed to be taken in order for somebody to become a made member and how to make money once initiated. This guide to mob life turns to the ultimate authority in order to get some answers, former Colombo family captain Michael Franzese.

Michael came to his position by following in his fathers footsteps, Colombo family underboss Sonny Franzese. In doing so he earned more money for the organization than anyone since Al Capone. Michael also made the bold move of doing what no man had done before, he publicly quit La Cosa Nostra without going into witness protection. Somehow he has lived to tale the tale.

This two hour special takes us on a step by step journey through the world’s most famous criminal organisation as lived by one of its most notorious members.

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  1. Test my homework! See if Henry Ford designed the automobile engine to run on alcohol which is a by product of seeds thrown in the soil that grows grain, hops, etc, and you can drink it, and you can pour it in your fuel tank because it is alcohol; however, Standard Oil wanted this to be put to an end so that the Nation becomes dependent on Fossil Fuel known as “Oil” that Standard Oil owned! Thus, alcohol became outlawed until Henry Ford changed the automobile engine to now run on Standard Oil fossil fuel, and alcohol became now legal again. It is the same mathematical game that Cannabis is to the Pharmaceuticals’ industry, the Cigarettes’ industry, the Alcohol Beverages’ industry, the Lumbers’ industry just to name a few, and all you need to do is throw the Cannabis seeds in the soil, and Nature does the rest, and the cost as they say is “DIRT CHEAP!” See if my homework does not pass with flying colors as they say! EYE 5

  2. There is a Human Being saying, and it goes as such: “THE PATH TO HELL IS PAVED WITH GOOD INTENTIONS!” EYE 5

  3. It is sad that children cannot play baseball and be called “out” when they have been struck out, and the lesson is this: when you are a grown man playing the game of Monopoly amongst a bunch of convicts in a situation of incarceration many convicts begin to steal the Monopoly money; then the game Monopoly loses its fun; even grown men get tired of the cheating because it defeats the purpose of the fun of the game. So you have a “sit down” and the promise is NO CHEATING AGAIN, but what happens? Cheating again! Then Nobody in their right mind wants to play the game Monopoly again, and it becomes a hated game. End Of Story! Time to move to Chess! Laughter! EYE 5

  4. The Mafia, just like the Roman Empire, and the path that The United States Of America’s Empire has chosen is destroyed from “within,” and it is the void that is filled later from an outsider that appears to be the culprit of destruction, but this is an illusion to the untrained eye that cannot see that the truth of the destruction actually came from “WITHIN!” EYE 5

  5. The end of the Documentary is insulting because the reason why he is alive is because he is in the Fossil Fuel connection loop with special “Friends.” Anyone in their right mind could find him by following his Wife’s Family that would lead them RIGHT TO HIM! Is it not true that his father found him?! Do not insult my intelligence because that really makes me very angry! EYE 5

  6. Human Beings have a saying: “Pride Before The Fall” and it seems to be true to all Human Being Behavior from Families, Governments, Religions, Empires, and even Kingdoms that Human Beings create. EYE 5