Delius: Composer, Lover, Enigma

Burials in Britain are not normally held after dark, but nothing in the life and music of the composer Frederick Delius was normal. He was buries in May 1935, yet he’d actually died almost a year earlier. The short ceremony took place at midnight in a Surrey churchyard, yet Delius himself had nothing but contempt for the Church of England and all religion. Not to mention that the village, Limpsfield, was a place Delius had never even visited. He was a Northerner by birth, but hadn’t actually lived in Britain for 50 years. It was supposed to be a secret burial, but the press got wind of it and the next days papers reported that, “Delius was buries with owls hooting in an age-old yew tree”. This had been one of the final twists in the tale of one of Britain’s most mysterious composers.


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