Deliver Us From Evil

A devastating investigation into the pedophilia scandals tearing apart the Catholic Church, Deliver Us From Evil begins by looking into one priest, Father Oliver O’Grady, who agreed to be interviewed by journalist/filmmaker Amy Berg. O’Grady’s genial calm is at first ingratiating, until he begins to describe his crimes with an unsettling sociopathic detachment.
But O’Grady’s blithe interview is only half of the story, as the documentary also unveils how church superiors covered up O’Grady’s crimes and shuffled him from diocese to diocese in northern California, finally placing him in an unsupervised position of authority in a small town, where he sexually assaulted dozens of children; the video deposition of Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahoney is a grotesque portrait in brittle denial.

What makes Deliver Us From Evil crucial viewing, however, are the remarkable interviews with a few of the victims (now adults) and their parents, whose stories are wrenching and riveting. With the support of a priest seeking to reform the church, two of the victims actually go to the Pope, seeking some form of help in addressing O’Grady’s crimes. This stunningly potent documentary combines raw feeling with lucid and persuasive discussions of the reasons for–and disturbing breadth of this crisis within the Church.

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  1. Jesus fcuking Christ! Are you kidding me?? The more I listen to this goddamn bullshit, the more ashamed I am to be a damned human being…You all deserve to die, you idiots!!1

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  4. I find it suspicious the parents didn’t call the damn police the second they found out.. or ever call the police. They should have.


  6. if there is a hell, they’re all going in a hand basket.

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  9. I don’t believe in god. How can catholics still be stupid enough to believe that the pope and the cardinals are chosen by god who knows that these assholes abuse, molest and rape innocent children but does nothing to prevent or stop it? The catholic church is a vile and corrupt criminal organisation who has killed and destroyed lives since its institution. There is nothing divine about it.
    It is rather the closest you can get to evil along with the other religions. Religion is the cancer of our society and is the greatest serial killer of all time. 

    • The religion isn’t sick or corrupted its the people.We all have a brain to think with, which is called a common sense and we, ourselves are responsible of our actions and not a religion cause no religion tells you to become evil, commit crimes, make war and just destroy the world. Its so easy to put the blame on religions or God rather than human beings and that reasoning shows a lack of knowledge and an insularity/ignorance.

    • Your last two lines make so much sense, I am glad another sane person exists!